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Minnesota Deer Hunt - Results


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Dec 26, 2010
SE Minnesota
Finally have a chance to write up a little something about our Minnesota deer hunt this past week.

The weekend before gun opener, my uncle recorded a nice buck on his camcorder. It never came in for a shot with the bow, and I was within probably 100 yards of him and never saw him. Opening day of shotgun season found my uncle in the same stand. He shot the buck he had recorded opening morning.

I saw a 3.5 year old 10 pointer opening morning but was looking for something bigger at that point.
On the second day, I sat where my uncle shot his buck. My dad had seen what he thought was a big buck a week earlier while walking along the field there, so I wanted to see if I could see that buck. That evening, I saw this 3.5 year old 8 pointer. He was tempting at 20 yards, but I was hoping for a 4.5 year old.
After the first couple days, things slowed down a lot. We saw plenty of does, but the bucks didn’t seem to be running. With bad weather in the forecast and my time left to hunt limited, I decided to take a 3.5 year old if another one came along just to make sure we got some more meat. On Tuesday night, I saw a buck heading out of the beans into the tall grass by me. I guessed he was about 100 yards. When he stopped, I shot. The buck didn’t flinch. I took two more shots expecting him to fall over, but nothing. After the third shot, he hopped out of sight. I couldn’t believe it. I look on the other side of me in the beans, and a doe is standing there. 10 minutes later, the doe is looking nervously back the other way where the buck had been. I look over to see another doe and another buck! I’m looking at the buck thinking, I don’t want to shoot him just in case I did hit the other one. He walked past me at 45 yards. When he got past me, I realized it was the same buck! Here I missed him and let him walk right by. I believe this was a buck I had passed up at 10 yards during the bow season. I couldn’t help but laugh.
The next morning was what I felt would be my last chance to get a buck. With things being seemingly slow, and terrible weather on its way, I was hoping for another chance. The morning came and went with no deer sightings. When I got back to where we had parked by the house, I went down to use the outdoor toilet. There is a pond that we always look at just in case there are deer there when we go down. Sure enough, a buck had just left the pond and apple tree! I took three shots then went up to get my dad. We went down and found the buck not far in the woods. I passed up several nicer bucks during the year, but we were happy with him for a meat deer.

We stayed there that evening without any more deer. The next morning it was very windy and raining. We decided to stay at camp rather than go out in that and just head home to cut up the deer once it got light. After it got light, it was still incredibly windy, so we packed up and left. An hour down the road, we just didn’t feel right about letting the weather stop us, so we turned back around and to hunt the rest of our time. That night my dad sat in the stand we have by where my buck was. It was as much out of the wind as possible. About a half hour before dark, he had a big guy come in. It was a bit broken up, but still better than we could've hoped for in the wind.

We couldn’t believe that we got a buck like that on a windy day like that. It was supposedly 45mph winds. It should not be legal to hunt deer during the rut with a gun…

Up until 2013, we had only ever gotten a picture of one typical 6x6 on our farm. In 2013, we shot our first one, and we got a picture of another one in 2014. This year we shot two typical 6x6’s! I hope this gene continues to show up! My uncle’s buck was with a doe both times it was seen, so we know some does were bred with that gene!

Here are some other pictures from throughout the year as well.


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Jul 30, 2011
Aren't genetics something......and I don't mean the deer. Congratulations for the fun family adventure time spent afield.


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Jul 11, 2011
U.P. of Michigan
I knew I could count on you to produce some amazing bucks again this year! Congrats to you, your dad and your uncle. Outstanding Ben!

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