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Dec 10, 2000
Pocatello, ID, USA
This saturday i will be helping good ol' F&G go after deer in the rockland area to tag and radio colar the fawns for winter tracking and die offs. I think it is kinda cool for something to do for a day along with gunsmithing work and also some taxidermy i think i am likeing this class hooking me up with the opurtunities like these.

Maybe it is just me but, i think this is going to cause more stess on the deer than all the snow mobilers that F&G is complaining about stressing the deer in winter, What do all of you think?
What a great opportunity Mini. :cool: I believe you will a lot.

Yes there will be some stress. I know there is because I get a little stressed when Vipe collars and tags me. :eek: Take a paintball gun along and see if they will let you get a pic taken ;)
Have a good day
Sounds like you'll have fun
Put a collar on a potensial BIG BUCK and get the tracking # ;)

Good luck and have fun Steven !!!
The stress of the snowmobiles has little benefit, if any, for the deer. The studies with the tracking colar help estimate the population. With that you can set the season lengths, quotas, etc. for maintaining a healthy deer herd. Tracking colar data is some of the most reliable high quality data there is, as far as I know. What do you think?
well oscar the big bucks small bucks and does alike are not being colared just the fawns will be colared and i am figureing on the i along with another guy from school i know that is going will most liely get stuck with the job of releasing the adults, but either way i will know the general region that the big bucks will be in so we can go after them next year oscar.

Also the place we are going is about 5 minutes away from some property i have permission to hunt on so that could be a good thing.
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