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Jul 7, 2001
Don't know much about these photos, but I thought I would share them anyway.


mtmiller, This photo was suppose to have been taken on Cross Lake, where we fish and Water Ski or as I will refer to as trolling a top water jig from now on. This lake is in Shreveport's City limits, but is bordered by alot of woods. I have seen alligators on this lake many times. This one was on the news as being on Cross Lake, and by the way this is a pretty good sized one! I caught a six footer on a soft plastic lure on Caddo Lake, just north of this Lake. I am just guessing, but this one looks to be approching the nine foot status? Maybe more, anyway we are suppose to go Wakeboarding on this Lake this weekend!
The properties attached with the picture said "Cape Romain National Wildlife Refuge in SC", but I guess anyone can change that info.

I do know that it did not come from Montana. ;)
mtmiller, I recieved three E-mails yesterday stating that it was from our area lake.....but, it could have one of those Internet legend lives, like it ate a jogger and then ate a Park Ranger, ect. Anyway it is one big Thunder Lizard!
ya mean its not a key deer from the florida everglades like the e-mails i got say !!!!!.....what im shocked!!!!! either or typical swamp hunting some worry about bears,lions and wolves......we think about lizards!!!
Even though the 2002 SCI record book shows alligators live in 7 states the 40 some entries for the big ones are from Florida. First guess, would be, its in Florida as it looks to be a big one.
Damned things can get to be a nusience can't they! I've been put back in the airboat several times while wading for bass on Lake George. They seem to get a little territorial and testy during mating season. Also came on a bunch of recently hatched ones at the edge of the lake during archery season. Didn't wait around to count them ya know. Decided I really wanted to hunt somewhere else!
We got one about that size in the gator hunt two years ago. Looks to be nine or ten feet long although he looks a little broad in the back for that length. A friend who gets to hunt every year as an agent with those who get a license, comes up with several longer than twelve feet each year. During late spring I can take my airboat into a big cove just south of my house and find ten or fifteen ten to twelve footers with no problem. Also, during high water last fall, I had five up to six foot lying in my yard next to the water about thirty feet from my door on a dailey basis. Had to keep going out to chase them off. They would be hell on a dog!! Saw what was probably the same five this afternoon in the water within 100 ft. of the house.
Any of you up country fellows want to go wade fishing , come on down. I'm a whole lot more comfortable with gators than grisleys!!!
LOL Bill....
Losing your edge being spoiled there in Grizz country, seeing no dangers of your own I see.... :D
I know that stepping between a young moose and it's momma wouldn't compare to that either ;)
i would say its not from florida.mostly because our deer arent that big. it is definetley not a key deer as they are only found on big pine key in the keys not the everglades and there is no fresh water in the keys. plus a key deer is about the size of a basset hound and a mature buck looks like he will fall over from the weight of the rack. cool pics where ever it is.

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