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Man in Dress SPANKS big @ss buck

The Hedgehog

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Dec 19, 2000
OK, my turn to play this game. Shot a deer this afternoon. Day one of my ten day hunt. Was planning on being reeealllyy picky and draggin this out. But.. saw a deer I just couldn't pass on. Antlers bigger than anything I've ever got before, and the carcass is obscene huge. I mean really scary big. I'm not sure what he weighed but I honest.. no joke.. bullchitin aside think he was around 400lbs on the hoof. I got him out in one piece and will weight the dressed carcass tomorrow. I'd bet anything it is over 300lbs as is. Before gutting him, he had a 54.5" chest girth and a 34" neck. I've never recorded this before on anything I've got.. but I'm telling ya that must be unreal huge. His antlers weren't too shabby either...192B&C. Too bad for a weak split on one side or he would have really scored well.

Jsut wish DS could call BS

I ain't checked my mail..... But I will now :D And.. There better be a picture of a X-dressing-Montanna-Goat-lovin-sheep-packer with a 192B&C BUCK
Ok Doug, I mean Oscar... here's a couple pictures. I still have film in the camera that should better show the carcass size, with Weak End Whorior posing next to it. Remember that he is 6'10" and 360lbs himself.


Kurt, Looks like you made it blush... It's Neck and Face are a little red.....

I was BAbysitting the boys and Watching the second half of the BEVIS/WHORio Adventure.... That ONE bull I have to Keep rewinding to see... The one BIG DAWG leading the other 20 or so 6 points... MAN .. A GUY and a MAchinegun could have had some fun....

NICE DEER.. I was just Bluffing about going to check out my MAIL.. I never check that SH|T on the weekends... So I figured you'd post me a PIC !!!! that will go good with those other 2 deer racks in your garage :D :D
Dang, greenhorn scores big again.
Really nice buck.
I was a bit bummed when I didnt see ya in the dress spanking the big ol buck :eek: :eek: ;) One never knows what we will see on moosies site .
Great picture.
Great buck, Greenie!

Hey, I've been wondering what kind of camera you're using?
I've noticed that you use a remote, so assume it's digital?

That is a HAWG no matter how you look at it!!! I hope he didn't ruin an meat...falling over! :D Congrats on a Great buck!! Man, I might have to look into going to school in Montanna!!

I hope this message gets to you in time. First off you need to stay clear of this deer. It is obvious from the abnormal size that he is suffering from Bigassbuck Syndrome. It is a rare and fatal disease that is readily transmitted to humans. Obviously you will want to stay clear of any
contact with the animal until I can secure the antlers (highest residue of the disease). The decontamination procedure is a very complex process, but I am willing to perform
the duty at a low cost to yourself (I don?t want to stick it to you in your time of distress).
Unfortunately this unusual contaminate cannot be eliminated from other trophy heads within the vicinity, but I will remove these at no extra charge (especially susceptible to elk antlers).

I am sorry about your unfortunate luck, but hopefully everything will work out for all parties


<FONT COLOR="#800080" SIZE="1">[ November 18, 2001 09:17: Message edited by: mtmiller ]</font>
GREENY.... NOW that the FALL is over..... You going to hook up with us in MAc's INN AGAIN
Roumor has it Wylee and ME are heading that way REAL SOON.... (LIKE First part of May).... (THATS SOON AIN'T IT) :D :D

SO... I think I missed the part on the SPREAD... Guys like you can guess from pics.. I need a # :D

PLUSS.... Were is Weak end Whorior ?~?~ Was he with ya on this Excapaid ? DID ya get it on TAPE ?!?!
Wow Greenhorn, thats one huge buck !

Hunting must be very frustrating for you. It's obvious that you'r compleatly incapable of shooting the small, tender, spikes & forked horn animals that old pro's like me specialize in. You keep getting stuck with these old tough animals that are at least half antlers. I know that thoses 400 lb deer & 900 lb elk are much easier to hit but you must have faith that you'll be able to hit a smaller target. Don't worry son, someday you'll be able to enjoy the tender meat and easy packing job that comes from shooting a forked horn standing beside the road. :eek:
Man Greehorn, with the size of animals that you and your friends kill I can't decide if I want to be you, or one of your friends!!!! ;) :D Congrats again. I just had to come by and take another look at that monster!!!!

BTW-My great-uncle was the starting QB for A&M back in the '40's!!!
I'd have to guess an outside spread of 28 1/2 or 29". Just a guess, probably way off.

Damn nice Buck Greenie........I was waiting for your post so I could try and post one as big......but I may fall short.....don't know as I'm not much on scoring Mulies.

Either way that is a hog! Is that the same one you wrote me about?

I'll try and get My Wyo pic up and see if it gets somewhere close ;)
I sent some pics off to Elky to see if he could host them............

........if Oak is right on the spread, I may have edged you out there, but can't touch the 400lbs! Looks like you got him on the edge of Yellowstone the way the pic looks! :eek:
............just pulling your chain ;)
Chasing 2-legged does??? You are so full of sh1t! You were camped on my living room floor watching Shrek and Stuart Little Saturday night. Just admit it, you've already bought a case of beer... and your going to drink it all your self this weekend in our little hut with Bob. And you are going to shoot the first one by zero you see.

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