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Lord help me.... IN 2 days I'm....


Grand poopa
Dec 9, 2000
Boise, Idaho
Going to be meeting Fuggingoodhunter and Yetti. Friday night should be a hoot.. I'll stay at WeekendWarriors house (Or GREENYS FRIDAY NIGHT) and do a bit of hunting if I can drag my hung over ass out of bed ;)

I never really need good luck, but for the PRE-HUNT celebration I might

Looking foward to meeting you two YAHOOS, don't get a big head after you meet me, HELL, Just cuz I;'m the boss I'm just an ordinary 12" hung man like the rest of ya ;)

Hold the fort down Montana, Here comes MOOSIE !!!!! :D :D I feel a SPIKE coming on !!!! YAHHHOooooo ..hehe
Oh CHit, Good Luck Moosie! SOmeday I am going to drag my sorry ass over to meet some of those famous basards!
I owe one a steak dinner!
Good luck Oscar... and throw a little cold water on the spike and it will go away. :D

<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR> I'm just an ordinary 12" hung man like the rest of ya <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>
Right!! We've seen how you take pictures. Hell if I hold it right, my thumbs as big as the moon!!! Good luck! Knock a few back for me.

I think we need to have a Hunttalk booze fest sometime after hunting seasons are over.
MAN.... Feeling like crud yesterday and Went to bed at 7:30.... Woke up at 5:30 and still have packing.. Finishing up ELK cutting.. cleaning out the closet.. (OH WAIT, that was a Moosie topic in the Fireside ;))

Seriously though, I'm guessing I'll be pounding Cold meds and Orange juice tonight....(OK, maybe just one or two beers ;))

If you guys don't hear from me by Tue or Wed at the latest.... CALL the wife, then send out troops looking for us, WE'll be hunting Mamoth in Yellowstone

HOLD down the fort.. I'm outa here ...
Ya finally nailed down where in Yellowstone you hunt..Really big place you know...I've been to mamoth, there are some really nice bulls hanging in that neck of the woods..Good luck..If you guy's get lost. You can alway's ask a Japaneese tourist where the nearest board walk is... :D
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