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Sep 4, 2003
North Central, IN (the corn belt)
I've been snooping around this site for awhile now, and this looks to be a pretty laid back, fun bunch of folks.

Although I'm primarily a whitetail chaser due to location, I've become pretty ate up with western and mountain big game hunting the last few years. Been to Wyoming, Idaho, Alberta, and Alaska a few times in addition to chasing whiteys in my home state of IN and neighboring IL.

I really dig muley hunting, and will be going after them in Wyoming mid October.

Anyway ... hoping to learn a thing or two here.
Welcome, Steiny! It sure sounds like you've done a fair amount of western hunting for a newly bitten addict.

If you have any pictures, post them. If not, tell us the story of one or two of your hunts anyway - those who haven't started yet this year want to hear them!
Thanks for the welcome Calif.
I'm kinda challenged on that picture posting stuff. Know how to scan & e-mail them, but that's about it thus far.

I guess "a few years" is probably stretching the truth a bit. I'm 43 and have been hunting about 30 years now. Mostly whitetails around home until the mid 90's when I got my act together financially.

Have probably whacked (30) whiteys (9 with bow) about six of which are good trophies, four muleys, two pronghorn, dall sheep, AK moose, caribou, black bear, timber wolf, and a load of various coyotes, waterfowl, small game, etc.

Try to take a big time hunt or two every year. Last year was able to go to Alaska in August, then to Wyoming in October. heck of a year, smacked (4)large mammals with the .300 Weatherbaby. Only major hunt this year will be 10 days in Wyoming for muleys next month.

Kinda kicking myself in the rear for not booking an AK or Canada hunt this fall. Got a daughter going to college next year, so thought I'd be conservative. Won't make that mistake next year. Life's short ! You can make more money, but you can't make more time.

I envy you guys that live out west amongst all those critters. Good hunting !
Welcome to Hunttalk, Steiny. Sounds like you've had a good last few years. Muley hunting is my most serious jones as well. Stick around and let us know how your seasons go.

I like your choice of caliber!

Welcome aboard Steiny.
Moosie is off in Alaska trying to fill a few tags but if he was here I'm sure he'd add a great big welcome also.

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Welcome to HUNTTALK Steiny. And good luck with your hunt this year, make sure and get us some pics and a story or two.

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Thanks again for the warm welcome.

Hey, just got back from a road trip to Cabela's @ Dundee, MI this morning. Are those stores great, or what ?

A pair of those 10x42 Swarovski binos was begging to go home with me, but I practiced restraint and only spent about $200 on misc. necessities.

Our bow season starts for whiteys Oct. 1st, can't wait. Been watching a couple whoppers all season, one looks like he'll go 140.
Heck Steiny, Cabela's in Dundee is a cool place to go to. I have been there a few times and their service is great. The wife(Vipe) took back a shotgun barrel and they replaced promptly and with a smile.

I have to go there before the end of the month I think.
Yeah, I went to Cabela's in Sidney, NE on Saturday. It was the first time for me. I couldn't believe it. The Great Elk Tour was there, which was pretty impressive, but the regular array of wildlife mounts was incredible! I did pretty darn well in getting out of there for only $50. I mainly just walked around for 4 hours with my mouth open.


You escaped the sidney store only fifty bucks lighter???

Man I go crazy in that place. Buy all kinds of crap I don't need!

But they do have some pretty sweet mounts in that place.

I imagine it looks almost as good as greenhorns trophy room

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A little late but warm welcome to Hunttalk...
I have been out chasing fires all summer and have fell a little behind my howdydoos!!!

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