Llamas for rent around salmon?

T-bone rented some in Boise Driving up to there... He might be able to help ya. He did Some Reaserch.
I looked in the phone books and I don't see anything.I don't recall ever even hearing of any for rent. Most folks around here use ATV's or horses. I see llamas out there once in awhile, I've learned horses don't like llamas much! Where are you planning to hunt? I did find this possibility: The llama Connection 8005 W Buckskin Rd Pocatello Id. 208-232-6456

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Gar Man,

Already planning the return trip! I rented 2 llamas from Thundercreek Llamas out of Boise. Here's the website link http://www.users.qwest.net/~herblibrarian/tcl/ThunderCreekLlamas.html

These animals are highly experienced, very low maintainance. I highly recommend them. There is an outfit in Idaho Falls that rents them, but can't place their info right now.

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I have looked at the thundercreek llamas,and I know T-Bone had very good luck with them. The only problem is the $400 in transportation cost. I was hoping to find some alittle closer to salmon.
The llamas are the only thing left to line up for our return trip. Tags should be in hand by middle of next week.
I recall hearing of a llama rental place around Idaho Falls (2 1/2 hours from Salmon). I'll root around and see if I can locate a contact number.

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For what it's worth, I just spoke with a guy who rented from ThunderCreek. He said they were great animals and it all went very smoothly. I'm thinking about using them next year.
RADFORD.. Welcome aboard Mate,,, every bit of Info is Worth the typing. THANX for the info !!!
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