Legal 3 browtine Moose...


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Dec 9, 2000
Boise, Idaho
I can Picture what it is...
I'm sure I know what it is...
I don't have the Regs in front of me yet...


I'm guessing by the sounds of it it would be a Browtine (By browtine on a moose meening anything that leaves the "MAIN" spoon) and has at least 3 points on it with at least 1" clearance from the main beam to count as a point..

Is that close ?

And need it be both sides ?
I think you're right on the definition, Moosie. Here's a picture of what three brow tines would look like (maybe 4 on the right?).

Moose Picture

The guys in AK could probably help more.

Legal tripalm bull (thats what they call them here) is quite simple. It must have three points below the deepest valley at the bottom of the palm. Its hard to mistake the fronts for part of the palm. Only thing to be careful of is that to be a point it must be 1" long, but the width of the base of that point cannot exceed the length. This is easy to see on a deer, little tricky on a moose because of the palmation. I will scan a pic from my regs for you and post it later!
vis, MAN, I'm afraid I can;t tell the difference between a 48" and a 52"er... I can if it's 60" or 40" but I've been working on within a couple of inches.. So I figure a 3 brow tine would suit me fine on anything TOO dam Close to tell...

Call me silly... BUt I have a feeling theres a 51" 3 browtine Moose in AK with my NAme on it that is right in Camp on DAY 2... Thats My prediction
Well don't look to me for help on that one. I don't hunt them, just pack em out for friends when they need help. But don't get no warm fuzzy I am gonna come help you and your pops out...I mean you out, cause I will have already been there and came back. If your still packing it out by late September let me know. I might be able to swing over and help you out.

My opinion, do as you say you are and stick to the browtines. Browtines are easy.

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I ain't hanging around for no help... It's balls to the walls and either packing stuff out or not shooting... I've seen a few Moose now and am going all the time to peoples houses and Sportsmans Wearhouse and Such estimating.... I estimated a 64" moose at 63".. But when it's that much over 50" I hope to be able to tell on the Hoof through either my Bow site or the Crosshairs....

I got a cheat sheet on the measurements though.. I'm guessing It will be along, Wouldn't be the first hunting trip I looked an Animal up in the book even when I was sure

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