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Last Hoo-Rahh Elk hunt (pics)


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Dec 9, 2000
Boise, Idaho
Alright Enough dinking around….

So Thursday after work I let my wife get some things done and we got to a late start. I met Wylee on the road and we took off with Grand visions of elk the next day. Little did we know….

We woke tbone up around 11:30PM and started talking hunting. He told us all about his week and what they saw and were they were at. Wylee and me derived a plan and got to sleep a few hours before the long days hike. We drove 30 mins to our destination and the hike began. Hiking up a hill in the dark in a new area kind of blows but you know you just need to keep heading up… and up….. and up….

Just after daylight I see some elk and We bail off the ridge to take a peak. It is just 2 cows. Drat !!! then I look back and see some horse guys. So the hiking starts. We could have outhiked the horses but we crossed path with a decent 4 point buck with some Drop times. Wylee pulled out his camera and we got a picture or two. It was far off so you can’t see much.

We continued up and starting to see elk in the canyon we set a plan. Just then behind us came the horse guys. I do have to say that of all the hunters we met in the hills these guys were some of the nicest ones. We told them what our plans were and they worked around us. We kept up behind them until they tied up their horses and we passed them. We then talked to them and laid out our plans. We were not going to ( Or Wylee wasn’t going to let me shoot) a spike again this year…. (Or so he thought ) So we tell the guys good luck and we head out. We bump the elk side hilling and could have laid the hammer down on a spike or two but didn’t.

Glassing the far ridge we saw a cow. Another, another, 10 more, 30 more , 5 here, 8 there. A Spike here another there. What the scrud ?!?! Were are the big bulls ?~??~? 150 cows and a few spikes and looking over a 2 mile canyon.

We watch some elk on the top of the ridge in the snow and head up. They start to bed down so we work around the hill we wer within 200 yards or them and him and me were tiered of pushing snow so we each found a tree to get under. Not expecting to have gotten in the snow I didn’t wear the gators so the feet were wet and cold. We tried to sleep and rest but were both cold so we pushed on.

Place I tried to nap:


Can we turn back yet ??!


It wasn’t 10 mins until the elk were going every were. They bailed down the hill and right into the other guys. BOOM !!! BOOM !!! and about 9 more shots happened and 2 spike elk were down by them. Congrats to the nice men we met !!!

As the elk come pouring over we saw about 40-50 bailing through the Hills. I threw the Pack down and Laid the 300 across it 1/2 laying in the snow. Of all the elk there was one spike in it. We let him go again too.

So up the hill and to the top we made it up. Then the trip down began. Once we realized were we were at we knew we’d need a lot of time to get out. We slowly came down looking for elk.

Wylee was the first to spot a cow below us and we heard a Bugle. I say a Bugle but it sounded more like a creeking door with a high pitched Whhheeeeeeeeeeeeee AH ! Knowing Tbone watched a 4 point Bugle in there days before we were off. We knew the elk would be working around and sure as heck, here they came. But the bull turned out to be a Little Spike. Range finder set, Ahhhh an easy 200 yard shot. After Wylee knocked the gun out of my hands we headed down the hill with Darkness fastly approaching. 2.5 hours later we were out.

Tbone had pulled up stakes and headed out so We couldn’t visit with him much unfortunately. We set the next days plan changing it 3-4 times and then deadeye270 came into camp. We talked for ½ hour and went back to the original plan. We had a few last min lazy plan but we went back to the good ol’ Get some elk plan that was a Early wake up and hard hike in plan.
I’m not sure who had a harder time getting up but my left leg cramped during the night and I was wondering about the days hike. But off we were.

Hiking in I think Wylee was dragging a bit but we stuck together and made it to were we wanted to be right at daylight (only a few min late.) We spotted a cow right off and moved spots just a little. We watched elk (cows) for the next ½ hour and watched elk bed right across the hill from us…. But wait, there was a Bull. It was the bull of my dreams !!!! Right across from us was a Spike elk packing 12” of rack on one side and 3” on the other side. I told Wylee that elk was going to die if we couldn’t get anything else. I watched him roll his yes knowing I was Serious and he said he would back me up on anything I wanted to do. (Although I’m sure he’d bump me while I pulled the trigger *SMILE*

We heard some shots out of the other canyon and was hoping it was deadeyes boy. Just then we heard something below us…. (Heheh I said Blow us)…. And we saw a body move through the trees. When it popped out we saw some branch antlers coming out and knew it was getting a 30.06 or 300 mag pill !! I reached around and grabbed the backpack and Propped the gun up and …. BUSTED !!! It didn’t run away but turned around going back in the direction it came. I laid the cross hairs on it and Wylee said he couldn’t see it. I waited for him to get the shot and Before it went into the trees again he said I should shot and KABLAM !!!!!

The next 15 mins was almost a blur. Now I’ve hunted a lot of elk but the elk we saw the day before and this day was UNREAL !! Elk blew out of the canyon not knowing were to go. And there was Wylee’s elk. He spotted it first and I laid the scope on it and watched. He lost it for a min and I told him which elk it was as he got his rest ready. It got to 220 yards an KABLAM !!!!

2 elk down.





On the backside of the mountain Deadeyes boy had wacked a 4 point bull at the same time and the elk started coming our way….

Here is all 3 bulls :


With 2 elk down we could just watch this bull come into view and turn at 15-20 yards :

25 yards :


20 yards :


15 yards :

Big congrats Moosie and Wylee!!! You've had quite a hunting season Moosie. I'm sure you have no shortage of meat in your freezer.
Definitely looks like Moosie's is bigger.... Although the sideways picture of Wylee's must be another bull, as that one looks like a TOAD!!!

Congrats to all 'ya, and to DeadEye's boy...

Gotta love the snow so deep that you can't see Wylee's ATV under him in that one picture... :D
poor wylie--you makin' him hike on his knees in that snow--no wonder he could hardly keep up with ya--my hats off to him!!!--

really though good job--chris
Congrats to Moosie on an awesome bull, and mostly true :D That was definitely one of the greatest hunting days I've ever had.
I've never had a bull stick his tongue out at me and run past me before.

Gunner, I sure could have used an ATV under my ass that day. Although it would have taken quite an effort to get my drag'n ass on to it. ;) :D

A hugh congrats to Deadeye's son on his first bull, glad to be there for that. :D
Nice bulls gentleman and Moosie. With 3 elk to pack out it took you guys how many days to get them out?

Congrats to all of you.

man, that's alotta elk meat!

congrats to the three of you, and it's good that one branch bull might live to grow a bit bigger!!!
Originally posted by IdahoBugler:
With 3 elk to pack out it took you guys how many days to get them out?
There were 5 of us on our elk and 3 on Deadeyes.... So it only took the 2 days :D We were going to call you just so next time you get a 30" buck you'd feel obligated to call us, but we figured you needed some Home time.....
Ithica .. shooting Elk next to the road is as Easy as Chuckar hunting ;)

If I kilt elk next to the road then I couldn't load my pack 2x's as much as everyone else, grab 2 boulders, and run around everyone saying "we're almost to the truck" :D :D

OK, Maybe that didn't happen..... Or maybe it did

Thanx for the Kudos fella's. Wylee and me had a good time for sure. I'm jsut glad next weekend I don't have anything planned.... HUMMmm It's only the first season after hunting season and I'm bored already ;)

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