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Sep 9, 2002
I thought it would be fun to take a stab at what we'll all kill this upcoming season - besides time - and then follow-up with what we actually do...

Going out on a limb - I'll wax a 5x5 or better with my muzzle-loader!
No elk for me - I'm not hunting them.
I'm focused on mule deer this year. (Wanna bet how many elk I'll see without holding a tag?)

But I will predict that Moosie will kill at least a spike, Greenhorn and Weekend Warrior will kill hogs or freaks (deer, elk and antelope), and that Elkhunter will kill a decent bull.
Good topic... Is this for ALL game ? Or just Elk ? I'll pretent it's for ALL game

I'll shoot a Idaho bear with my bow (Ohh I already did in May)

Then I'll pass on bears in Canada and not get one (I'm 2 for 2

In AK next month I'll shoot a 'Bou and a 53 1/2" moose, I'll also get lucky and Tag a 5'1" Black bear. It won't be big, Jsut like my Moose, But I'll shoot him anyways.

Idaho I'll come back and shoot a little 5x6 Raghorn Elk and a 22" 4-point Buck.

I'll shoot 40+ ducks and get 4 geese (In Idaho through Jan)

I'll also go to Louisiana in Jan and shoot 12 Geese and 11 ducks.

1 yote will die because he was in the Wrong place at the wrong time this year aswell.
This should be fun, starting out September 6th I should limit out on Doves (12). Next we have squirrel season with the boy (3 plus 2 pounds of misquitoes, you count them!) Third rifle season in Pagosa Springs, CO. 5X5 Elk and a Decent 4x4 Mule Deer. Back in Louisiana For Whitetails, 2 Eight or better point Bucks, 4 Management Does, 1 Bobcat, 3 coyotes and probably 1 three legged, one eyed dog with mange that answers to the name of Lucky!
Ok Im in:

Sept 12th A big daddy spike or a cow elk archery in New Mexico

Sept 23 a cooler full of doves from a millet field.

Oct 15th a P&Y buck falls in Alabama and a couple of does that same afternoon.

Nov 5th Another spike elk gets wacked by the trusty 300winmag

Nov 20th five more does fall to the 25-06
some will be pretty small but all will be girls.

Nov 21 a couple more does will drop to the 25-06 leaving only 37 more doe tags to fill.

Nov 22 a 7-1/2 year old buck that has a HUGE body and crappy antlers will head to the cooler and will make a nice european mount that will go nicely with the old bucks from the last 7 years

Nov 27th I will try to convince my 83 year old mom to go into the woods and shoot a deer. Hopefully I will find her a nice buck pretty early in the hunt before she starts talking loudly and scares all the deer off.
She is pretty deaf and doesent realize they can hear her

This time I will sit with her and coach her on how not to scope her eye. Those little hospitals in small towns scare me a little and I dont like taking her there

Dec 1st I will shoot a big ole long nosed doe because she spotted me when I blinked from 150 yards and kept blowing until all the other deer within 5 miles have left the area. I feel I am making progress in removing this gene from our county in alabama.

Dec 8th A handicapped child will shoot a nice 120" eight point in my honey hole with a rifle and hopefully be very happy.
A party will follow.

Our rut will begin 2 days after christmas and I'll have 35 days to try and finish ALL the doe tags that we have left, but I'll switch back to archery and take every shot offered by the "girls"

Jan 31st I will let a 130" GROSS buck walk while I shoot the doe he is following because he will not quite make the minimum.
I will later see a trail cam photo of him and realize i'm an idiot for letting him go
and then i'll spend the rest of 2004 trying to remind myself he will be bigger next fall

I think I'm leaving something out
Hey This is kind of like a shopping list

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Well I will shoot 45 ducks and only four or five of the big ducks will be hens, but none of those mallards. I will shoot a swan in the central flyway and end up with 7 geese. I will pick up half a dozen sharptails and maybe one sage grouse if nothing else can be found on a slow day.

By the middle of September, I will have a 170" WY mulie on the ground. In SD, I will shoot a 120" whitey. If I draw my special unit MT mulie tag, I will take another 170" mulie. If no luck in the draw, I will end up with a 155" mulie. I will chase antelope with my bow, but end up with nothing since most of my time will be spent on deer and ducks.

I am hoping one of these deer will be larger, but I will be happy with what I put above.

BTW uokman, it is good to see a guy from Alabama not call his whitetail a ten-pointer.

EDIT-I just noticed this is posted in the elk forum, so if I draw my special unit tag (results this week) I will take a 340" bull. If no draw, my general tag will just gather dust again.

Another edit-sorry uokman, I assumed you were talking whitetail in Alabama, not elk. I see in your post below that you do refer to deer as #-pointers. Why is an elk a five point, but a deer with the same number of points is a 10 pointer?

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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR> Well I will shoot 45 ducks <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Crap.. I'll need to up my list by 6 now
The third week of September will find me filling one of my two sagegrouse tags. First week of October will find me striking out on spike elk, but a cow elk will bite the dust on November 10th. The third week of Oct. I'll take a 16" 3X3 mule deer. I'm going back in IN for the opener of gun season and a wedding. Just gotta remember which the wear the suit and which to wear the camo. In IN I'll shoot a doe and a forked-horn buck. This winter I will call in and shoot 3 coyotes. Hopefully I will shoot 6 chukar and 4 ducks in ID. Then in January I will kill 14 geese in Louisiana.

If this comes to pass I will be more than elated, but more would be better...
Since we're going to list more than just elk, I left out some stuff!!!

Prior to going out for elk in early September, I'll hopefully wacked a couple gators in South FL! Got drawn for a 2 gator tag in an Everglades unit!!! Going to use a heavily modified bow-fishing rig... If I score - pictures to follow!

End of September will find me terrorizing the deer population in TN - where I will for sure smack some does and maybe a decent buck (committed to not shooting any rag-heads anymore...)

Mid-October, I'll be after a bruiser whitetail in the mid 150's I've been seeing near my home in AL.

Mid-Novemeber, I'm planning to hunt IL for some whopper bucks on a friends 1300 acre farm in Brown county. Got my sights on a beautiful 10pt that should score in the mid 170's - God I hope I get the shot!!!

Then its time to break out the rifle and start the carnage in AL and TN - I'll wack at least 5 does and any good buck that messes up!

December in addition to the carnage on deer, the duck population will take a beating! I predict a 100+ duck season this time around... as the past several years have been SO bad, I've got to believe it will be better this year!

Scattered in all the above will be fall turkey, dove and the early teal season - not to metion a trip or two to LA to catch some big ole yellowfin tunas... Dayam boys! I can hardly wait!!!

With all that fun, I'll tell you what I'm looking forward to the MOST - my 8yr old daughter has got the itch to shoot a deer this year and we've been hitting the range a good bit this summer - let me tell you, that little girl can SHOOT!!! She shot a 4" 10-shot group at 100 yds with a .22 yesterday...
Made Daddy mighty proud! Picking her up a .243 or 6mm to start practicing with for her deer hunt!!! NOW THAT'S SOMETHING I'M REALLY LOOKING FORWARD TO...

Have a great day!
Sept 9th - 176 5/8ths " full curl Bighorn Ram in Idaho.

October-Feb 1st- 72 chuckar - Nevada
Dec 21st- big bobcat
November-Feb 8 coyotes
Feb 12th- mtn lion

It feels weird not deer or elk hunting but I'll get over it.

T Bone
Tyson - I know the feeling. It is strange not to be elk hunting this year, but I have limited vacation time and I've focused on mule deer this year. I've been so concentrated on elk for the last several years that it just feels strange not to have an elk tag.
Well I'll go out on a limb for elk and say that I'm gonna shoot a 5x5 bull. (I'll probably get nothing, but you never know)

As for deer, I'll say a 18" 3 or 4 point buck will drop.

I don't care about anything else, those are my two main goals.
Elk w/ the bow. Probably a 100 yard shot or better. A antelope. Maybe with the bow if I can smoke an elk early. A mule deer with my rifle. But only if it's bigger then Greenhorns largest mule deer!
An elk, some deer, and lopes, probably some nice ones and definately a big lope.
Bull, Muley Buck, Whitey Buck, Lope, Bruin and maybe a few whitey does.

All Large of course.....gotta be optimistic right! Positive thinking!

In all honesty though, I really want to kill a few critters with my bow, so the bull, the whitey buck and the does may not be too big. I wont shoot a small muley buck though. Nothing under 100"!! I stand solid there! :0)
Got back from my gator hunt... killed 2 one was 8'8", the other 8'11" not bad but not huge - got them both with my bow! I'll send pictures some time when I can come up for air... leave for CO this Thursday...
My only out of state (Texas)trip will be with a cow tag in Unit 54 in Co. I will be pretty disappointed if I don't fill it.

Other than that, I ought to get a pretty nice whitetail on my family's place near Wichita Falls (maybe bow, but probalby rifle)plus a bunch of quail and pigs.

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