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Dec 3, 2020
Oct 23rd - Pretty miserable night, everything froze, one of those nights where you put on most of the clothes you packed in and still struggle to stay warm. The alarm went off, I wasn't sleeping, and I jumped up, just wanting to get moving

That night we decided to get away from the crowd and try and hunt some elk we had glassed to the west of us. We thought a drainage 30 min south of camp would get us in the general direction but didn't want to go up it in the dark. We started walking at 6 with the idea we would be at the mouth of the drainage by first light. Warmed up during the hike down the trail and started to remove hoods, pack gloves, unzip jackets.

We came around a small bend and could start to see the mouth of the drainage, walking a little further I look up and see an elk coming from our left to right, moving from water up the drainage we were heading too. I drop my gloves, hiking sticks, and sat down right in the trail. The elk was really tan and I had a feeling it was a bull, threw up my rifle and confirmed that it was and said "I am shooting this bull"!

First shot hit him low thru the brisket which turned him around, he came down the hill about 10 yards and stopped, second shot hit him right in front of the shoulders and dropped him. Frustration from the opening day turned into elation, texting my family on the In Reach was a great way to share the information with them. At this point I honestly didn't care how big he was, I just shot a bull in Nevada.

Took a while to gather everything I had thrown down, I looked back up and no elk, what just happened. We gave it another 15 min but it wasn't needed, the bull dropped at the second shot, then rolled down the hillside a bit and got caught up on some trees.

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Jan 4, 2021
This is an awesome story this will be my first year putting in for NV resident tags and I live in Elko. I’m praying for experience like this but I’m expecting just to eat humble pie if I do get a tag thanks for the story.
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