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It was looking better, but no shots


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Dec 20, 2000
Jackson, Wyoming
Well, last week it was starting to look a little grim. The wind was unbareable up top. The only tracks I was able to fine were from the day before and with every elk track were more of them wolf tracks. Saw plenty of sign and tracks from bears. So the next day I headed to another all time favorite spot. Saw one cow, then another, and another and even one more. They seemed nervous but not spooked as the looked in my direction and only saw the horse as I was behind him. A big bull then showed his headgear and they all slipped over the edge. The only thing I was able to see of the bull was his antlers. Could not tell how many points, but I can tell you this, he was very wide. Not very tall, but very wide. By the time I got to the ridgeline, they were no where in sight. It was nearly straight down with some heavy timber at the bottom. Hutned the area hard looking for them, but the parting memory of him going over the edge is all I have now. The next morning I left earlier, hoping to get in there a little earlier. Well I left about 10-15 min. too early for my own good. While crossing one of the clearcuts I could see the dark shapes and forms of elk in the meadow. I could see them moving east towards some timber and another clearcut. I could tell they were elk but it was too early to even try to attemp a shot. There were about 15 elk that I never saw again. The weather forecast was for rain on Friday afternoon and Friday night so I headed in for some warmth and rest for me and the horse. I am heading back out in the morning to give it another try.
I have one more week of vacation for up there. The season ends in that area on the 31rst. So I have this week and then one more weekend, then I will have to change areas. I can hunt till the 8th of Dec. around here. I also have the cow/calf tag for Teton Park which I plan on filling in the later part of November.
EH--you're just closing the noose a little more each time--before you know it it will be on the ground.....keep it up and good luck----chris
I have had the weather against me a lot up there this year. Lots and lots of heavy winds this year. And lots more wolf activity than the past two years. It does however force one to hunt harder and perhaps a little smarter than normal. They are starting to move through the area now migrating, so I hope to score this week.
At least this way you get a lot more time to hunt!

When do they begin feeding in Jackson?
That probably has an effect on the migration.....or is that just the result of high elevation snow?

Every time we go to Jackson, I take Binos and sit in the truck and just watch those BIG BOYS hang out! There are some monsters out there somewhere :D
Wishin ya luck!

I like your attitude. Go out and give it all
ya got. It's not over till its over!

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JB, they won't start the feeding till around January or so, depends on the winter. There has been a lot of pressure put on the refuge about feeding them also. For an interesting read about it click here

Oak, I am having a great time. Seeing elk is always a pleasure, even when it is a parting shot.

Thanks Owl & Vipe. Hope to hear the fat lady singing before too long ;)

Hope to be able to show you some pics Jimmy
Good luck Elky !
Every time you don't shoot an elk you just extend your season and get hunt anther day.
I wish I could plan every hunt to wait till the last day to fill my tag.
WOW Elkhunter,

I did not realize how intense that situitation really is!

Do a lot of people really hunt right at the road....I mean public roads?

Here we just have some night poachers, fewer each year as the penality in Bama is weapon, vechicle and up to $10,000.
Our areas are pretty clean of that now.

I bet like us the game officers are few and far between to control the crazys

Still, count you blessing you do live in Gods Country! That place is beautiful!
Can't wait to see it snowy in February :D

Luck to ya
Right on, EH! Sounds like you know that country pretty well...they have to win once in a while or it wouldn't be hunting...I just found out why the deer are scarce in my honey hole these day - I got some video of a BIG ol' cat stalking the timberline...wolves are probably worse though :(

It makes my day just seeing any pics :D ???
That's pretty cool ,you have a bull tag and a cow tag.
Good luck elky.
Hope the wind slow's down and the weather give's you a break.
Well, even if you don't or didn't get one..We will get one at the end of next month...Glad your having fun any way!!! :D

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