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Info on Bull Picture, 3rd from Left


New member
Feb 25, 2004
East Oregon
Hey I am the lucky fella who got to shoot that bull. It was previously posted by my cousin. A little info on that critter is he scored 352 5/8 Non-Typical and 331 Typical. He has 46 inch outside spread, which makes him seem small compared to some fifties I have seen, but this bull has so mach mass and well, he is an eight by eight. Not to many folks get one like that. I have considered myself one lucky bastard since I have shot him. Good Luck to everyone this coming hunting season. I hope we all can get another or bag the first. If you wanna see the bull refer to the post on page 5 posted sometime in November by Oldoregon or tell me how to put pics on this thing????


Grand poopa
Dec 9, 2000
Boise, Idaho
Rumanley, Nice elk bud... YOU do need to tell Ol'Oregon to stop hitting the Bottle so much though