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  • No worries. The last few seasons of elk hunting in the Gravallies and Snowcrest Mtns have been good. I have harvested two bulls and one cow elk. I have been very fortunate. I finally took my "boys" with me last year. We hiked up only to have some other hunters "beat" us up the mtn. We didn't see anything that day. The next day after handing them off to their mother, I had a cow and calf almost run me over. We were on the same game trail. I heard the elk coming, and got ready. I was hoping for a bull, but just a cow and calf. I told myself I wasn't going to shoot a cow, but I changed my mine in an instant. I ended up give the elk to a guy in our camp that needed the meat more than I. My son and I had a second elk permit for the Breaks. Last years weather was a little weird. One day it would really nice the next day extremely cold. We never did fill our elk B tags. Oh well.

    Good to hear from you . . . . too bad about your Dad's injury and hopefully it has healed.

    Jim this message is been a long time coming and I apologize for taking a couple years to get back to you. You helped me out with information hunting the snow crest range when my dad received a limited entry permit for mule deer. I was supposed to report back to you and I never did. My dad ended up tearing his Achilles tendon that summer and we never step foot in the snow crest range so it was a waste of a tag unfortunately. However thank you for your help and willingness to give us some starting points. How have the last couple of hunting seasons gone for you? I now live in Colstrip Montana and will be spending the majority of my time in the national forest around here.
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