In Praise of the Neck Roast

This is what happens when marital communication is not clear. I could legit cry. Not because I need a new dinner plan but because I just wasted elk meat. FML. It’s totally f$&@ed
I was not expecting that….


Wtf happened 😂😂
SwaggyD and Doug fckn Sticky know what I’m talking about.

Jokes about the virtues of Montana mule deer management and swollen forky necks aside, neck meat has become one of my favorite of elk or deer—especially Mississippi Roast style. Big chunk of sinewy meat, perfect for easy slow cooking.

Unbrowned roast in the slow cooker:

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Cover in a sliced up stick of butter, a packet of powdered ranch mix, a packet of au jus mix, most of a jar of pepperoncinis and a couple splashes of pepperoncini juice. Set slow cooker on high for four to eight hours, depending on the size of the roast.

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Done, ready to shred:

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Cut some good crusty bread, throw on a pan, slop some shredded roast on the bread with some provolone, then drizzle with concentrated au jus. Put in the oven at 400 degrees for about 10 minutes. Sammiches:

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A solid New Year’s party snack.

What are your favorite ways to do neck roasts?
I'm making this tomorrow. Looks amazing. Don't have a neck but I already got a few packs of meat out to thaw. Wish me luck.
Big fan of neck roasts on larger game. I tried a bone in neck roast Antelope once and it came out looking like a snake in the pot.
At first glance without my readers - I thought this thread was “In praise of Norris Road”
I mean, it could be. Think of all the neck roasts that have come off Norris Road. Should be its own thread though. “Show your Norris Road neck roasts”
Mississippi pot roast is pretty much our go to now with large roast. It's pretty hard to beat served open face style!
Anyone ever try a “cola roast”? Another low brow crockpot concoction… I just loaded up the crockpot. We will see. It’s a roast, cream of mushroom soup, onion soup mix, and a can of coke. Ill report back to let you know if i think its worth working into the rotation
Take 2 on @rtraverdavis roast recipe for the neighbors super bowl party. Perfection. Did two things different: put the butter on the side so it created an instant pool of liquid to keep everything a bit moist and spritzed with apple cider from time to time. Slow and low for 8 hours and boom!

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We usually use the jars of sliced peppers, but now I’m gonna try whole.