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I'm just Bummed out

JB Florida

New member
Dec 9, 2000
Florida/Gulf ShoresAlabama
We submitted all the paperwork to "Hunt of a Lifetime" to host a youth deer hunting this fall. We got all the local Game officers approval (see, I'm not really suspicious)Anyway, the young man(16) they put with us
had a MAJOR setback with his bone cancer and will not make it after all.
In fact, its looking pretty grim.
I found myself really putting in some hours to locate him a good buck that was easy to get to ...... There are not many of those around though. I did locate nice 120" 8 point
Im going to try and get my 82 year old mom to shoot. I took her on her first deer hunt at 80 years old and she got a nice doe.
That was the BEST hunt I have been on to-date
If it stays pretty warm here I think I can talk her into it!

I guess we will try again next year and see if they will hook us up with another.
JB, I take my hat off to ya, I hunt with kids all the time, getting any kid on a deer can be hard work. My handicaped hunters have the exclusive spots that I let no other hunters go to and even then its hard huntin.
Every one of these kids becomes a part of me.
I keep in touch with most of them but never forget any of them. Every year the faces and the names change but the need to help these kids only grows I'm not sure if I'm strong enough to go through that with a terminal child, don't get me wrong, I could do the huntin part it's the sayin goodby part that I'm not sure how to deal with. Hell I have a hard enough time saying goodby to my kids now.
I think your mighty damn alright and I'm proud to shair space with ya.

thats all

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