If anybody plants stuff for deer (southern thing)

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Dec 9, 2000
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If anybody plants stuff for deer (yeah, its a southern thing)

I found a GREAT place to buy apple and pear trees!
they have 20 apples for $40 running right now!
try www.treesdirectonline.com

I have planted about 50 apples and pears and plums for my future bowhunting son

he's 2-1/2 now, so when hes old enough to pull a bow back they should really be pulling the deer in

and thats my "tip of the week!"
So Smalts,

Its not just a southern thing?
What did you order?
We are kind of borderline for apples, but pears and plums do VERY well!
A couple of pears I planted last winter (about 1" diameter) had several pears.
Be sure to plant them within bow range of a good stand tree!
I just told them to send an assortment leaning towards semi-dwarf and late harvest trees. going to score a trailer load of cow shit to plant them with this weekend.
Originally posted by JB Florida:
I'm making some cages to protect them from the deer till th grow up.

A trailer load of cowsh!t sounds fun
Just get some 6 or 8" square mesh metal fence and make big hoops. the deer are not smart enough to push them away. I take and put a 2 foot piece of drain pipe around the trunk to keep the bucks from rubbing and rabbits from eating them in the winter once the trees are a little bigger.
Good suggestion schmalts!

I put the drain pipe down right away, I have not killed all the beavers away from one area yet.
I planted the beside a pond corner to keep the wind always good for hunting

Persimmon works, but I have not had any luck with the big japanese ones yet. The apples I planted are by an old persimmon tree that really draws the deer in! specially with a little 13-13-13
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