Idaho Goat Hunt


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Aug 26, 2004
Some of you may remember when Moosie made the announcement that he had drawn a sheep hunt and he also said that one of his buddies had drawn a goat hunt. Well, that was me. The good news is that my friend Jason and I went out this last weekend and I shot my once in a lifetime Idaho Goat!
The bad news is I guess I'm a damn poor field judge of mountian goats. I was hoping for a 9"(+) goat and the one I shot is just shy of 8"(oops). Those little buggers are very deceptive. The F&G said that it was a 5 or 6 year old billy and really should have been a much larger, but he was ether in poor health or was the runt or the litter.
He looked good through the spoting scope at 209 yards (oh well).
Although I was disappointed to have made such a poor decision, it was grateful to have the opportunity to hunt in such beautiful country and Jason and I had a lot of laughs. Even if some of them were at my expence. I also made a nice one shot kill with the 270 and thats always fun.
I will post some pics when I figure out how the heck to do it.

On a side note Moosie found a spot with cell reciption on Sunday night and called his wife and let her know that he and Tbone had made it in to the spot they wanted hunt. They were tired but otherwise ok. I wish them luck! They will need it.
Congratulations! Go to and register. You can get http: addresses for your photos there for free, then put them here inbetween
and they appear.

Way to go! 8 inches is only an inch off.
Congrats thats great. I look forward to hearing the story in more detail, say over a mother load burger at the Sour Dough lodge in another couple weeks.. :D :D Can't wait to see the pix.
this is my first shot at posting a photo so if it doesn't work cut me some slack.

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I think any mountain goat is a trophy, you going to get a shoulder mount done? I compare them to a thar both short horned, its the combination of cape and horn and presentation that makes them outstanding and the memory of the hunt.

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Congrats Dead! Heck size doesn't matter ;)
Thats a hunt you'll remember forever and if you want a little longer billy you've just made an excuse for a future AK trip
Way to go.
Nice goat .
As Kiwi hunta said "its the combination of coat and horn and presentation that makes them outstanding and the memory of the hunt."
That will look GREAT on your wall.
Thats looks like a nice one to me.

Thanks for the help on the photo OAK.
I'm just going to have a sholder mount done. I was going to do a half life but nether the horns or the cape was good enough to warrant it. I think when its all mounted up on the wall it will look nice. Here is another shot at posting a photo. If it doesn't work it is suposed to be a shot of just the horns back at the house.

That's a sweet goat dude! I think those animals are sooooo cool!

Congrats again!

PS: Did Moosie get Rocky Mountain Fever??? hehehe
Oh yeah,

Congrats to DeadI... We'll have to BBQ some goat over at your neighbor's.... He can bring sheep, you can bring goat, and I can bring.... uhhh... uhhhh.. nothing, as I ain't gone hunting yet....

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