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I Saw a Freakin Elk; but I'm In Ohio



Not two hours ago walking the dogs I saw what I thought a large deer across the road in the neighbor's pasture. Upon closer examination I discovered much to my amazement that it was an elk! I need to check further and see if the farm that raises exotic animals might have one missing before I jump to any "hot damn" conclusions!! :D I'll keep you informed.
I read some where elce af unexpected elk sightings, maby our game farms need new higher Fences!Dont get me started!
Years ago when I was in High School there was a "zoo" out in the woods north of the small town we lived in. One day Mr. Charlie, a one legged black gentleman came racing into town all shaken up, he had seen "some big creature" while squirrel hunting and when it saw him, it hopped toward him and stood over him. He ran back to his truck as fast as he could and escaped from the "creature". Later the folks at the "zoo" put up a flyer asking for information about an escaped Red kangaroo!!!!!!!!!! :D Sometime the truth is funnier than fiction. Hope you get your Elk!
No it are elk. This exotics farm "fosters" animals. They aren't for hunting, breeding, or even view by the general public. Now we won't discuss where cause these good old boys around here would sure as hell be out with the 22LR after dark. Pack of jerks about like the SI board.
Originally posted by Moosie:
Just like an Easterner... thinking a Big Deer is an Elk, Heck PAws, It was Probably a MOOSE !!! ;)
Crap Oscar, I was on a hunt once and had a HUGE critter walk out 100 yards away. My first thoughts was " What the heck is a horse doing here?" Then I saw it whitetail doe. :rolleyes: ;)

So we all dont see elk :D
Elk once covered the continent, maybe it has migrated...
They have been colered in Western Washington and been later found in Montana. A wolf was shot in I think Missouri early last year, if I remember right, the guy thought it was a big coyote, because wolves weren't supposed to be in that area.
Fred, some states allow any thing that isn't on their game laws to be harvested with out tags, good.
Good luck on maybe seeing it again Phil...
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