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I FINALLY get to hunt!!!!!!!!

<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>JB--get some legs in the air--chris<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

uh..........does this belong in the ADULT section???? Where's Cali when you need him
well, I didnt get any DEER legs in the air!

We got shut out, I stormed on Sunday and work kept me late on Saturday, so I arrived with one hour of daylight. I hunted near the camp so I wouldnt goof up my brother-in-laws set up. He missed a 125" 8point just before dark :mad:
I saw 2 does 4 fawns and a small six point.
The bucks that are small always walk right up to me while the shooter does always DONT!

On the bright side I got a resident license for bama this year, cost $16.00 instead of $252.00! :D

Word is there is a cold front coming later in the week, lows in the high forties or low fifties.....yall know, its about time to get out the thermals :D :D

Thanks for the cheers but I straighten them out shortly......bottoms up or legs in the air!