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I drew NM!! unit 52 archery... Any pointers??


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Aug 22, 2002
I drew my last choice, unit 52 archery. I hear this is not a unit to hold out for a big bull though, and is the "cheap" tag price. Any info on this unit would be a great help as i never set foot in it before. Anyone know what kind of bulls roam here, numbers, starting points?? Am willing to hike in up to 5 miles if needed, as long as weather is not "meat rot" hot. This is supposed to be a great unit in the later rifle seasons when the elk migrate in from Co to the chama basin. any help would be great
Can't help you but congrats on the tag.
The fact that you drew it as a "last choice" in NM says you have your work cut out for you.

Your odds are pobably not all that good......take the first legal bull you see.

Did you draw the late rifle season?

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no, early archery. Not the Gila like i was hoping for but somethings better than nothing. Good thing they look at the 3rd picks these days... DS, no tag for you? I guess that new system changed the odds game a bit. good in some ways bad in others.
yeah...we had about 70-80% chance where we were........but anything less than 100 may find one sitting at the house.

Good luck down there on your hunt.
Dang Mark, I thought you used up all your bad luck trying to draw tags with me last year ! ( your due to draw a good one )
Good luck Schmalts, 52, isn't that up in the NE corner of NM ?
Dan, with the way my luck has gone lately, I am undoubtedly sitting on the big payoff!

Unsuccessful this year on: Montanny elk, deer.....Wyoming moose, sheep, deer.....Colorado moose, bear, sheep, goat, elk, deer, antelope....New Mexico elk

The only thing I have drawn is a lope tag in Wyo,and 2nd choice derr and elk tags in Co.
I think I can draw a leftover elk tag in Wyoming and I can also buy an OTC bull tag in CO.......so I should still have 3 pretty good hunts this year...and maybe even get to wack a little knothead buck in La!
Schmalts, I also drew unit 52 but for the 2nd rifle season. I am no help, as I'm new to the unit also.
How did you guys decide on NM unit 52? Just curius.........
cheap tag, better animal numbers than most of colorado so i was told. Fairly easy draw, better than a refund check..
"better animal numbers than most of colorado".....

Hmmmmmmmmm, I'd like to hear a full report when you return. There is a reason for the lower price, as well as the ability to draw as an alternate choice. I belive I would be huntin' up that guy that told you there were "better animal numbers than most of colorado" and ask him about the unit and where you need to hunt.

Colorado has about more elk than any other state, so that should put you in great shape.
DS,Keep in mind that this unit borders colorado... And its a cheaper tag due to the quality of the bulls is usually typical colorado bulls. Dont look at state population numbers to judge a unit on density. Remeber, NM has very little habitat compared to CO so even though they have 1/4 the elk, it does not mean the density where they are is less too. And as far as the alternate choice goes, you said you played the numbers game but did you forget that they changed the draw procedure this year? They drew applicants and looked at all 3 choices and filled any that was open VS. the old way where they only drew units first and only considered first and second picks instead. I actually only had a slightly better chance at drawing this tag over the gila unit we discussed by looking at last years odds. I drew because my name was draw early enough to get my last choice but not quite early enough for Valle Vadel or the gila. The unit is actually higher in demand than the gila for some of the rifle hunts because of the migration makes it a killer rifle hunt for the lazy guys i guess. I was also told by the F&G warden in charge of outfitters and guides that this unit is a great alternative to the gila. I have a couple guys already giving me info where to go, and they both matched each other and the wardens info so i have high hopes, but they told me not to hold out for a 300 bull, so that may be my downfall.
I drove through this unit several times at night headed out of Chama headed for my spot in colorado and seen more elk in that unit on the road than i did in the timber on the colorado side. I hunted within 5 miles of this unit in colorado and remembered looking at the huge high aspen hillsides and though how good it looked on that side of the road, and never saw any trucks parked there, and pretty much decided it was because it looked like way too much work for the average hunter..... And as far as numbers of elk goes... look at the amount of cow tags they give out every year in that unit vs the rest of the state
Think about it for next season, it may be worth the look as a backup plan. Hey, i'm bummed i didnt get the first 2 choices but after getting shot down in MT CO UT and NM on my first choices i am glad i got it.
Now i just need a little good news from AZ to complete my vacation plans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sounds like a solid plan. Hoefully it will turn out to be a geat hunt. I did consider all the options, but only wanted one hunt in NM, which I applied for. My second choice was in another state.........same time frame, same type of hunt, same quality bulls.... but astronomical chances at drawing the tag. I'll know in a few weeks wether I outsmarted myself or not.

As far as Colorado...............like anything else, it can be shitty or it can be great. I would venture I can post pix on here of some two hundred elk in a CO draw this fall................just waiting for ol' DS to cull a couple
.............hell, anything can happen, but my money is on me!

Good luck in NM Scmaltz.......glad you drew and hopefully it will be a great hunt for. you.

PS............if it turns into a diamond in the ruff, you may want to edit out the unit number on this thread so you can manage to draw again next year!

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Its olny a diamond in the rough if you know how to cut it properly
If i shoot a 260 bull i dont think the draw odds will change too much, and if i get a whopper, well its a big unit to figure out.(kind of like in my pants)
My advice is simple.

Take a rifle along with you in case you miss with your bow!!

Always good to have a backup plan. Take one arrow and a .300 mag.
Sorry to just jump in here .. but you boys have some facts VERY WRONG LOL !!

First, 52 and Chama are NOT NE NM.. it is north CENTRAL NM... and 52 is EAST of Chama not around Chama...

Second, 52 is a WICKED good unit for elk... but get a map and make sure it has "land status" so you don't end up in trouble on a piece of private ground.

I'm glad to see you guys telling others CO has more habitat and elk than NM.. its TRUE
Works for me !

Oh, Schm.. one other thing... we have some pretty good CHEESE made here in NM too
Abeit by folks from Wisconsin
Cheeseplant is right down the road from my home...

Good luck.. hope you tag a MONSTER

Oh.. fwiw my brother in law shot a nice little bull in 52 last year... email me and I can send you pic.. or post it here... not a monster but nice...

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Well, thanks! Can you give me any pointers on a spot to start? getting all the info i can get....