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  • @BrokenArrow I dug up an old post where you mentioned grasshopper creek being visible from your house. I was curious if you would entertain some questions about grasshopper Creek as well as Bear Creek.
    Hello! Am admittedly very new to this site (and don’t know how to PM) but read your thread on a sheep story, it was awesome. I have one of the S71 ram tags this year and wanted to pick your brain. Have had plenty of lucky seeing them, but navigating the twilight range has proven difficult. Happy to talk on the phone if you are willing. Appreciate your time! - Garrett
    I have a Nov. rifle hunt for deer in NM unit 45. I have read all of your posts about your hunts in the Unit but figured I would reach out see if you’d be willing to help me out. More with terrain, habits, land use, and such. If it’s safe to have anything left in my truck? I grew up in MT and moved to AZ for school and hunt both Im more than willing to share info for either if needed.
    Thank you,
    Hey there,

    I am planning on being out in 71 this September for archery season. What do you typically experience for weather conditions that time of year?

    I really appreciate any insight. I've been hunting big whitetail in Missouri all my life. First time heading out west.

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