Hurray for Senator Daines

Big Fin

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Dec 27, 2000
Bozeman, MT
Senator Daines has been doing a lot of good things lately. It's no secret he took some serious heat earlier this year on some public land issues.

Now, Senator Daines is being hacked on by the one, the only, the "fringest" of the fringe, Media Trackers, for his role in helping get the ball moving on some good public land legislation. Thanks Senator Daines.

Media Trackers is notorious for carrying buckets of water for the dark money crowd that just can't solve the Montana mystery that people here really could care less about political parties and stand to be counted on issues they find important, regardless of political persuasion.

Note to the author of the article. If you quote Rep. Kerry White, you instantly have shown your credibility to somewhere below that of Hillary Clinton testifying on Benghazi. If Kerry White is the only source he could find for his article, times at Media Trackers are even worse than I thought.

In addition to his good work on the Burr Amendment to reauthorize LWCF, he has also done some really good stuff to make sure bad public land amendments don't pollute and kill the Energy Bill, as happened two years ago when poison pill amendments killed the Sportsman's Act.

Senator Daines is fighting some pretty strong currents in DC for his positions that are best for Montana and very helpful to the cause of public land. I hope you take time to let him know you appreciate his recent efforts.


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Apr 2, 2015
I'll gladly swap you Senator Mike Enzi & Senator John Barrasso for Senator Daines. Our Senators suck.