Hunt Quietly Podcast 84: Q & A

Off in the weeds on this stuff.. but it's not like it doesn't take acres to grow the forage for the feed lot cows too. There can be obvious yield differences for GMO hybrid crops with lots of synthetic fertilizer. I saw no mention of whether the mining and creation of synthetic fertilizer and manufacturing of herbicides and pesticides was taken into account of the overall enviro impact.
My own story with OnX was at a conference a few years ago. Someone, who if I recall right was the VP there, gave a presentation on their secret study of inaccessible public lands, and the millions of acres that are. I approached him afterward, and told him that they oughta let the public know which lands they have deemed inaccessible – maybe put it in the app. They could then crowdsource either existing access their automated process didn’t identify, or even crowdsource solutions by mining local knowledge. I was told, “That would upset a lot of landowners”….
Thankfully Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Project (TRCP) has carried the torch to map and improve access to blocked private lands, while hunters, BHA and other organizations fought the law and we all won in WY corner crossing.
Thankfully Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Project (TRCP) has carried the torch to map and improve access to blocked private lands, while hunters, BHA and other organizations fought the law and we all won in WY corner crossing.

The OnX study was done in conjunction with TRCP, and I’m still waiting to see the map of which parcels they think are actually inaccessible. They won’t turn it loose.

I love the Wyoming outcome, and hope it’s a model to follow.

Probably not the right place for this, but factory farming is actually better for the environment than organic farming and in some cases better than free range farming when looking at cattle. With Chickens, because they take up a much smaller footprint it is better to free range them or use the Salatin model.

Factory farming on many levels is efficient than other methods of farming. Which is difficult to see when you look at pictures as the one with the cattle above.

We see the land over a relatively small area completely destroyed, but with the same amount of cattle you would need a lot more land to feed them if they were organic.

Each cow can up to 2-4% of their body weight a day which is about 20-40 pounds of feed (dry feed) for a 1,000 pound cow per day while consuming 30-50 gallons of water per day (which is like a bathtub)

If you have 1,000 cows then you should have at least 1,000 acres per cow for pasture as a rule of thumb for grazing.

Which takes up a lot more land than 1 acre factory farm with supplemental feed and water.

You also get the advantage of the cows with the supplemental feed getting better feed, which allows them to grow faster.

Factory farmed cows do not have to burn as much energy to put on weight, so they grow faster.

Like I said, factory farming is efficient.

Small Area, Nutrient rich feed, access to water, less overall energy per cow, and weight gain faster (shorter life of the cow).

The issue with western free range cattle is the cattle grow slower, have to eat more less notorious food, cover more land for the same amount of feed per day, find an adequate amount of water to drink, and have to escape predators which costs energy.

Now, I think the biggest argument against it is the treatment of animals. Which you could make a case.

There are a lot of weird things in terms of what is better for the environment even though on first glance there is no way that is the case.

Like paper bags are worse for the environment than plastic bags. Which is fun to point out when you go to Jackson where they believe they need to otherwise and feel the need to charge you at the grocery store for paper bags.

This is a very good post.

The reality is that factory farming in many parts of the country is less environmentally-intrusive than ranching in many (most?) of the country. It is the aesthetic that rubs many wrong, me included.

To @antlerradars point, it takes roughly 30 acres/cow to raise beef in SE MT. That number s higher in other parts of the state.

In much of the midwest and other parts of the country (like FL, for instance - there are more cattle raised in FL than MT on far less land) the land can support something like 8 cows for every 1 in MT or WY. Its the same for most agriculture -- agriculture in the midwest could literally feed the country.

Realizing this, it can be difficult watching yet another section of sage - one that, say, held a lek thats been used for (probably) 1000+ years - get turned into a hay field to feed a few more cattle tfor the 7 months of the year the land cant support them to try to make ends meet.
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spend some time on peter panda's insta and you find a great modern example of a dude who's in it for the content. it's not about the number of animals necessarily or the ultimate mouth or freezer it ends up in. it's the motivation for killing them. which is, admittedly, very difficult to quantify.

but if we really do care about the motivation, the reality is i would suspect an alarming number of average joe hunters are out there for the wrong reasons. i hardly personally know a person in real life who truly, honestly, cares much about the meat or even the pure joy of being in wild places and enjoying the hunt. they all pretty admittedly want horns on the wall and will take the easiest way to get them if they can and they throw out a lot of freezer burned meat. luckily none of them are very serious and have little of either to show for it, which is telling.

so, i dunno. but i do agree with matt the content creation culture and this motivation to kill to put up "sick content" just really isn't a good thing. is it the worst thing for hunting right now? i'm not sure. but it ain't good.
you hunt with kooks. the meat is the the reason. antlers are for guys with small dicks
Hunt quietly message not bad and kicks the worst & most annoying of hunting clowns right dead center in the sack. Every time I post a hunting pic on hunttalk I have a little Matt with a halo, sitting on my shoulder saying “you stupid egotistical attention seeking dumbfug - did mommy not coddle you enough as a baby?”

Now - back to the elk pic thread .. 🤣
Where is @rjthehunter and @MtEngineer on this episode of hunt quietly doesn’t make any sense? Is the Randy/Matt discussion today going to be recorded?
I've decided to try to dip out of matty r discussions. I dont have an opinion thats well recieved on him here - and im not going to change anyones mind here about it.

If you want to understand more of my perspective, you can pm me. Im not going to purposefully contribute to chaos here.
You have a dirty mouth, Jim.
Been hunting for 43 yrs, turning 50 this year.. ya it’s dirty, a lot of stuff on me is dirty. i’ve whacked enough pope and young and booner buck to not care anymore. Honestly, if i could, i’d shoot the spotted ones. Vealson .. the pigs i stick never go over 60lbs.. the coues couple weeks back is even tastier cause he’s a dink. fill your walls with your trophies. when youre done, focus on the Veal. i only cow hunt and if you haven’t you’re surely blowing it.. bull meat can be not so great .. cow is always good. plus, get a wet one and she provides a drink!
Where is @rjthehunter and @MtEngineer on this episode of hunt quietly doesn’t make any sense? Is the Randy/Matt discussion today going to be recorded?
I haven't listened to any of the hunt quietly podcasts. I'll listen to Matt and Randy's talk though for sure.

Like I've said from the start, some of what Matt says is true, but some of it ridiculous.

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