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Dec 9, 2000
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Don't have time to post the whole story but I'll give you some Highlights ...

First off, I didn't score on an Elk but seen some, only Little ones... ;)

Here are some of the things I learned in Montana :

1. After hikeing 12 miles, and Greeny says, let's go hike to one more spot, That means you still are gonig to hike over 8 more miles.

2. Apperently hiking over 18 hours in one day is normal for Montana boys. LEAVING well before light and coming back Many hours after dark....

3. Even though you see a big bull, getting to it is another story. Might take 7.5 hours of hiking around a canyon, up the other side, sidehilling 6 draws all to accidently kick it out it's bed when the wind swirls at less then 100 yards.

4. Greeny EATS ALOT !!! Next time bring 3 times the food I think I need ;)

5. The taste of a coke is porportion to the amount of miles you put in. THE coke we drank back at the truck was over 20 times better then usual.

6. Just because YOU start at one canyon, doesn't meen you'll come out there... YOU might come out in a whole nother NATIONAL forest.... It's tough to hitchhike packing 2 guns....

7. Letting greeny have Eggs for breakfast and Following him in the hills is a big NO NO if you like fresh air...

8. Whining that you're not going to make it doesn't slow Greenhorn down. HE smiles and tells you you can and turns and Starts walking again. Suck it up and keep going

9. Don't pack aything exra.... Especially if it weights more then 1 oz. (Execpt for food or water, SEE #4 above.)

10. There isn't a harder hunter, more fun, more knowledgeable, more STINKY guy then Greenhorn.

Thats my story... And I'm sticking to it... I brought the 5thwheel to hunting camp friday night and drove to the deer spot. Got a few hours of sleep. Went hiking and got no deer. LEft deer spot , drove 8 hours to montana. had dinner with ElkChsr, LEARNED alot about cooking pine needle soup and never eat snow berries.. Was some interesting info ;) (HAD a good time, hope he scored SUNDAY !!!! )

got to greenies, talked and seen some dead stuff.. watched some hunting vid clips, and even got a hour or two sleep ;) BTW, he makes a hell-of-a good steak and eggs breakfast.

We logged over 20 miles. Thats not BULLCHITTIN' miles either. 18 hours of hikeing and the vertical climbing.. HOLEE-CHIT !!! Saw a spike or two *WINK* and went after them, I'm saying they're a spike so I don't feel bad not getting um'.....

No luck but I'll be back.. I got into Town at 4 and had some work to pollish up out all day tomorrow hunting with "MINI ME". hope the legs still work. I'll have to do a LIght hike.. like only 12 miles *SMILE*

ANYWAYS... I'll catch -up later, TAKE CARE and good luck !!!!!!

if greeny smells worse then you oscar i am not sure i want to hunt with him ever :D

And as long a s we get somethign early you wont have to hike that much oscar
That's it Greenhorn and Moosie need to get there ugly arses down to AZ to do some hunting. I'm going to email the both of you a pic of a little bull.

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Wow, awesome! Too bad you didn't connect, but sounds like you had a good time...and you get another chance, right?

You are wrong about a lot of things Moosie.. most of all my smell. I know for a fact I'm the only guy alive that make eggs smell like roses.

You don't understand my tactics. I took you hunting in that place just to make sure you never applied for a MT elk license again.

Hopefully you will be back for some more punishment in a few weeks.

Sometimes those bulls win.. them bastards.
GREENY... ROTFLMAO... ROSES ??! Uhhh Yah, if thats you're story, I'd recomend not WOOWIng the chicks with your Roses ;) MAYBE you should post your 10 things list, See if it's different
If you think that little hike will stop me from applying there, You HAVE to be kidding. HELL, I'd walk that 2 times in a day... :eek:

Az402.. If there is a licence available Stan I'm there !!! Although it would have to be impressive to beat the spike that Greeny showed me

C.O., Yes I'll get one or 2 more chances.. I jsut got a last min call from Greeny saying "I know it's 600 MILEs.. BUT come down for a day, We'll take a short hike". SO I made the trip.....
1. After hiking a quarter mile, Moosie and I went over the hill to another place to sit and wait for an elk to come by. I didn't expect there to be any elk around, but I figured what the heck.. we were on the way back to the truck anyway.

2. Though we were away from the truck for a full day, we didn't do much other than nap, pick daisies, and experiment with outdoor cooking (grass soup and pine needle hor d'vours).

3. We saw a raghorn while Moosie was picking burrs out of his dress. I figured we'd go get him, but that hundred yard uphill hike took us a while, like 7 hours.

Note to self: hiking in high heels takes time.. pick your hunting partners carefully.

4. Having angry butt-sex with an Idahoan makes me hungry.

5. Beer tastes great after a short hike, but always have some pop around for the sissies.

6. Always tell new hunting buddies, "It's downhill to and from the vehicle, once you get to where the elk are at.. the walking is easy and it's flat with no deadfall." Otherwise you are asking for trouble. If it's not downhill to the truck.. find another place to hike out to that is downhill, even if it's a little farther away. You can always find a nice guy that's stupid enough to pick you up, bring beer along (with a pop for the sissy), provided the new guy is easy.

7. Gas is cool.

8. Nobody wants to sleep with the bears. They usually will walk back to the truck, even if their ass is really sore.

9. Maybe if I bring less food and more Vaseline, hunting trips will be less of a pain in the ass for my Idaho friends.

10. Moosie loves me even though I make his ass sore.
Moosie, I cant believe you were lucky (or sadistic) enough to get to go with GH, then you blow it dont even score?? I had to put all those miles on alone and REALLY didn't see anything but spikes! If I had even got a glimpse of a good bull in the 16 miles I did I would be thanking my lucky stars.

Gettem next time, OK!

PS..when do I get my chance Greeny? :D :rolleyes:
Moosie, Greeny gets his elk sitting by baitpile. It sounds like he really took you on a wild goose chase to make you think otherwise.

It could have been worse. I took my sisters boyfriend out for opening day and after about 6 miles of hiking he puked for about 10 minutes while we were trying to hump it up a steep hill to some bulls. He's the starting running back for the Grizzlies, i guess they dont condition enough. I didnt push the angry buttsex issue because he could kick my ass, even with wobbley legs and a dizzy head.
Hell Greeny, I thought you were going to take Moosie to the gardens. Good downhill walk for him. Drop him off there under the lady and pick him up at the chinese place..... But I am glad ya took him for a wild goose chase... fix them outastaters.......lmao
Good one Greeny, Give Moosie hell. I can't wait to see the pics of the brute you guys get.
Hunting with greeny isn't all it's cracked up to be. Sure he may have a decent spot or two but when he breaks wind and you do the math, it's just not worth it! He has a special brand that could make a billy goat puke.
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