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How many people are hunting local ?


Grand poopa
Dec 9, 2000
Boise, Idaho
And How Many out of state for Elk ?

Count me as Hunting Local with an Option to hunt out of State.

JSut wondering what the % of people are doing that post here for elk ?
I passed on Elk in Colorado, but I bought my 14 yr. old son a tag. I will be vacationing with the wife and hunting Mule Deer. As for hunting the locals, since they said we could'nt bait with watermellons that has pretty much ruled that out! :D
I'll be heading to CO and to MT (home) for elk and deer this year. Plus will be hitting the "hills" here in MD for deer as well as a trip over the border to West-by-god Virgina for deer and a porker if one comes by the stand...
Can't wait only three more weeks and I'll be chasing those stinky buggers...
I wasn't lucky enough to draw any out-of-state tags this year. So I'm strictly local this year.
In state for deer and turkey this fall. On the 17th of Sept. will be leaving to hunt elk in Idaho. Then next spring I may go back to Idaho for bear season.
Local for me and my hunts will all be done in one week since they are the same dates.

depending on how my truck runs I might make a road trip somewhere.

Colorado Elk only if the sheep hunt goes well. That is provided it doesn't take a month to kill one!
I am staying pretty close to home this year, I may venture into the Big Hole for elk, but not much farther than that.
I will be jumping clear to the other side of the state for antelope.....
Idaho for elk. Oh yeah, and there's a one in probably 1,000 (give or take a few) chance that I'll draw a PA elk tag in the drawing next month. Needless to say, I'm not holding my breath. But you can't draw if yer name aint in the hat!
New Mexico and Colorado for elk...Alaska for carribou..nothing local.....
Home in MT. I drew my third bull tag for the Missouri River breaks, and my oldest boy drew a cow tag in the same area.