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Hey Lillibiggun?

Erik in AK

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Mar 28, 2002
not killing a ram
Would you be interested in meeting in person?
I'm currently living in North Pole but I travel to Anchorage at least once a month to see the missus (she works in the big town until Jan).

I'm planning a float & scout trip down the Chulitna 24-26 August. The Silvers will be in by then and Griz opens the 10th. Plus the first half of the trip is in the "remainder of Unit 13" so there's no tag required for Brownies and its a "one bear every regulatory year" unit. The plan is to put in where the East Fork crosses the Parks Hwy and float down to Talkeetna. About 85 miles all total.

Let me know here or email me privately
I'll be in town on vacation starting the 20th. We're going to Seward for that weekend and my Dad's flying in from outside on the 25th. So, Mon-Tue-Wed that week I'm free. The rest of the time its "Death By Fishing" for the 'ol man. I'm even taking him up on the slope. He wants to catch an arctic char and see caribou(and get a million skeeter bites)

You want to meet at say, Tuesday 1 pm at Humpy's and shoot the bull over a couple of Ambers?

I'll email you my wifes cell #
LBG, Take him up on that.. ANYONE that wants to give you his Wifes Cell # and hasn't met you must be a good guy.... He said DRINKING "AMBER"... That's not her name now .. is it ;) !!!
Alaskan Amber...the beer, perv. The phone was mine but since I never turned it on she took it away. When I'm in town I carry it since its my electronic leash.
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