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George P

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Jan 11, 2001
rochester N.H. usa
Things seem a little slow on here lately so how about this for a topic.
Besides your dogs,what are the 3 most important things you bring with you when you are just running or hunting.
Here are my 3. 1.Tracking equip.I wont turn a dog loose without it.NO exceptions
2.Compass or 3 LOL
3.2 way radios We really use them here bear hunting
After those would come my GPS,shocking collars,cell phone
What do you guys bring?
I to make sure that my hounds have on tracking equipment, I also carry my backpack which has a flashlight, lighter, some first aid items, and usually a few candy bars and water, and other than that I just make sure I dress yea I always have my cell phone :D :D
Hey George, It depends on where I am hunting, here or in the mountains. Around here I always take a dog lead, a knife for skinning and my camera. I can never seem to get signal on a cell phone when in the western mountains, so I dont carry one. It could sure be handy! I like to carry as little as possible in those mountains, but cant cut out some things for safety Youth is a great thing! KW
I coon hunt,so I would have to say:

1)Tracking outfit.
3)Two compasses.

I always carry two compasses so I can check one against the other.
I have argued with my compass before,but I never argue with two.
Lets see, I always have my compass and knife on me they go on my belt every morning year round.My tracking system (never tern loos without one)2 way radio.leashes.Gun.And if where going to shoot I bring my back sacks.I have a cell phone in the truck but portables don't work up here 90% of the time. I don't cary much extra stuff this is all loging land we hunt up here and its hard to get more than a mile from a loging road.I would never forget.
My spectacle's Testacle's Wallet and watch :D :D
Listening to you guys I find myself saying"I always bring that too" Boy we houndsmen have a lot of stuff dont we.Hey KW,How many cats did you end up with this year.I loved those action pictures you put up this winter.

I would have to say mine are:

#1 Matches, firestarter, food

#2 Tracking collars

#3 Firearm and ammo.

Great topic, kinda makes you think. I do most of my hunting in the mountains, so matches and food are alot more important to me than locator collars.
Well what i take is..............
1.Clothes {it'd get kinda cold without em ;)}
2. Compass
3. gun ammo
but i dont ge tthe dogs ready and dont own trackin equipment this is what my uncle would bring :D
1.Tracking equip
2. Leashes
3. Gun ammo {in case i miss ;) ;)}
George, 39cats. Ive seen 3 run over on the roads this week. Guess I wont chase them again! Ive seen a sow cat that is about to have kittens in about the same place. 3 days in a row. She is sure round,just walks off the oilfield road and sits in the brush and stares back at me. Wouldnt be hard to tree her in this hot humid weather. I hope she has 3 or 4 kittens! KW
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