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Here's a buck


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Jan 2, 2002
Well, Moosie wanted me to be more active on his site, so I decided to learn how to post pictures. If this works you will see a buck that I killed in Idaho in 1997. Forget the stupid look on my face, if possible.
canoe--the look on your face--well anyways, nice pic and awesome eyeguards for a muley--way to go--chris
No, not a brow tine. If I remember correctly, I had just farted, and then realized that it wasn't just a fart!!!!!
MAn - nice buck. But you better not post that picture over at 24-hour Campfire or someone will bust your chops - "it looks kinda dark - is that legal?" :rolleyes: Just kidding...based upon the reactions to DS posting his ram over there.
Nice buck. I would say it is legal. But I am no expert. That's why I can't post at the either site.(24hr) :eek: :eek:

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Nice buck Canoe..

Westy, it's that right eye guard.. it's actually 14 inches long.. you just can't see most of it...

I should have left the comment about the look on my face out of the post. That way you guys would have been really impressed with the mentally challenged dude that got a deer!!!

I've been following all the posts about DS and his ram on 24 hour, and I'll tell you that I don't have enough energy to post pictures there. It would take way too much time to defend myself against that group of pricks.

Good luck hunting this year!!
Nice buck Canoe! That is a classic pic. You know what they say about deer an the hunter that shot them... ;)
Nice Buck.
About that look on your face?
That looks just like the guy I met at the banquet last year LOL ;)
Wow, those are some impressive eyeguards! Nice buck! Thanks for posting them.

I'm not gonna comment on the expression (but it looks like you got caught doing something you shoudn't have been doing with the deer :D ;) ).

MD4ME, yea, but I was drunk at the banquet so that is not a fair comparison. I wasn't drunk when I shot the deer. Three hours later is a completely different story though!!!

Thanks to everyone who commented!!

Oak, can I help it if I thought he was coming on to me?

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Ridgetop, Thanks man, you know us Monster Mulies transplants have to stick together.

Oops. did I say that out loud?
wow, nice buck.......tip for ya, ya might consider swithing to decafinated coffee dude!
Great buck!!!Congrats...Yes the look is some thing else!!!You almost have that look of a hunter that is posing with some one elses buck and you wish it was yours just so bad..Maybe reality just hadn't set in yet!!! :D :D :D
AND the reason you weren't posting is becasue No-one knew ya.. NOW Everyone knows ya... (AS THE GUY WITH THE SHITTY FACE ;)) HAHA

Good playing poker with ya... NICE buck, I'll bring up a picture this year so I know what one looks like......
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