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Have you seen the realtree roadtrips show?

I do not get the Outdoor Channel anymore since we went back to cable(dial up stinks

If ya record the whole season ya could make me a copy?
show #3 comes on tonight on outdoor channel
@ 8pm but htat may be eastern time?????
check your guide! Its a cool show, not you typical buckmasters P.C. stuff

new mexico archery elk!
As usual I will be at maybe I can con the wifey into taping it for me

I just checked and it comes on at 10PM est time
I watched it for the first time last was certainly different than the usual, and interesting. I can do without the rapping, though.
Yeah, I thought it was pretty decent. It was interesting to see some of the stuff that goes on behind-scenes and to see some of the work they put in to get shots at good animals. People always say that they have guides lead them by the hand right to the big bucks, and they showed that this wasn't quite the case. They had to scout and glass like the rest of us to pick a good spot, and even then it was iffy. I'm sure they had a few tips, but it was by no means a cakewalk. This particular episode even saw a stand in a swirling-winds condition, which almost blew Mike Waddell's chances at a bruiser (I sure the hell wouldn't take a 50-yard shot with a bow!). Pretty cool overall, as hunting shows go.
It is a good show...I've seen both shows and plan on watching the elk hunt too..Infact this is the show that I mainly was talking about why they wait to get back to camp to field dress the deer...Mike Waddell taking that 50 yard shot sure shows what one can do with practice,a range finder, and confidence in you equipment..I'll keep watching the show...

JB, Since Mr. Realtree is such good friends with the illustrious owner of USA Outfitters, I've quit watching all of their shows. Quit buying thier products also. I sent them an email stating that I would not support anyone who associated with Talman and company. They were so insensed at my message, they didn't even answer it....

Guess I don't have much pull with them.

...and to this day Dan, they still haven't figured out where all the lost revenue went
Just finished watching tonights episode.

Mr.Waddell shot a nice 336 New Mexico bull with a bow.

It was a good show, especially when they had that FORD buried in the mud up to the frame

And Dan...guess what guide service he was using

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