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Agree, the only bears that learn to fear humans during a season are the ones that get killed by a bullet. They aren't talking to their grizzly bear buddies.

Also, nobody would waste their time hunting fringe areas with low bear densities mostly inhabited by young bears or sows with cubs.

I'd be hunting the biggest oldest boars in the highest density areas I could on a OIL tag like that in places like the North Fork of the Shoshone.

Who would want their OIL grizzly hunt taking place at the grease bin behind the DQ in Cody for a 2-3 year old cub?
I don’t know. Might be a guy named Randy that would sit there eating Dilly Bars until said cub showed up. Starting to sound like a dream hunt.
The longer I'm on HT, the less I want to get dirty. I love a healthy debate and good conversation, and I have no problem sharing an opinion that might be unpopular or heartily disagreeing with someone. But ad hominem attacks really aren't my jam. I argue professionally for a living, but nobody is paying me to argue here. There aren't nearly as many helpful rules, and I can only take so much. We're all hunters, we care a lot about these issues, and there are some very smart people here who add quite a bit and it's a great place to learn. I understand the passion.

Thanks to everyone here who has stayed on topic, there's been some excellent points. And if you really want to have a gun v. spray debate, I'd be happy to start another thread, or encourage you to do so.

My two cents on one of the topics raised: I wouldn't compare AK brown bears with GYE bears. Different food sources for one. I've been around many AK bears in my 20s working as a setnetter in Bristol Bay, and even though I smelled constantly like dead salmon, I have always been far more worried about the bears here in MT.
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