Greenhorn kills the Freak!

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Jul 25, 2001
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No kidding!
He just called me to tell me he arrowed the freak antelope he found this summer. It is way bigger than he thought. Said it is the nicest animal he has got so far.
I'm guessing by Moosie's reaction in the middle of Home Depot is proof enough Greeny got the "Freek".

I must say I was a bit embarassed to be with him. We were talking to someone about the paint we needed to pick out to finish our Bonus room, when all of a sudden the cell phone ran. Within two seconds Moosie was screaming and jumping and running down the isle, screaming like a little school girl. :eek: :eek: I must say I've never seen this reaction first hand before with Moosie. The lady that was helping us gave me that "look" :confused: and two other employees came over to ask if he had won the lottery. The lady said she would come back when he was done with his own little celebration.

My goodness. :eek:

Congratulations Greeny (who I hear also starting talking in that high pitched school girl voice too)

Mrs. Moosie
He said he will be back tonight. I imagine the pics will be up right away.
I guess that antelope is a Booner for sure. over 16" in length and very massive. Just the freak shape alone makes it an increadible trophy. I've never heard him even close to that excited about killing something.
HAHAH.. I didn't realize I was Screaming like a BE-hatch.. I looked back and I was all the way down the Isle and people were around my wife and SHE was holding her head.. I almost felt imbarased but I didn't care ... ALL I heard was "THE FREAK IS DEAD"

HAHAH.. YAH.... I'm not alowed back at that store any more and I need more stuff !!! ;) HAHA !!

ANYWAYS, dang GREENY THANX for the call.... BUT now you owe me
Cuz MY wife thinks I'm nutz :D !! HAHAH!!!
HEY W.W. ..... Greeny has done well..

DOES he still have that Booner BUCK tied up too ?~?~?~ If he does, tell him to leave it for me... I will edit out the rope burns on it like he has on the ELK and Antelope he shot ;) HAHA !!
AHHh YES , I saw those sheds.... DID he at least get them stained up a bit ? THEY were a little sun bleached when I saw them......
Way cool greenhorn, congrats. Cant wait to see the grip and grin photos :eek: (can I say that on here???)

<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Weekend Warrior:

He does have a wopping set of shed antlers to hold on her head for taking the photos.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Thats a great Idea WeekendWarrior!!! Im gonna have to do that If I cant find a reeeeally slow, blind and deaf forkie first. The only sheds I got are whitetail though. Do you think anyone would notice? I guess I could say it was a hybrid...;)

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I actually have a hybrid deer theory. I've seen a ton of hybrid photos, even hybrid mounts, but haven't actually seen a hybrid dead or in the wild. Kind of makes you wonder.
Greenhorn claims he shot a deer that had ivories once. Hmmm. He has a ton of elk ivories...
Kind of makes me wonder.
AZHUNTER.... HAHA ./. YAH, I'll call tomorrow.... THAT would be funny... Every time I think back I think.. Uhhhh MAN I'm A DUMB ASS !!!! I have that ladys look burned in my memory,,, KIND of like the look of "WHY DID YOU JUST HIT THAT KID".. 1/2 Question look , 1/2 MAD look......

My wife was wondering why I don't get that excited for anything else.... I never know what to say :confused:

OHHH well
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