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Greenhorn, Hard work or just luck?


Feb 7, 2001

I think ....hard work!

I have followed your hunting success since the old days of the Coffeshop.

You have taken some incredible animals and I respect the hard work that it takes.

Congrats on the latest.

...or maybe it's them damn stinky underwear



I think his success at hunting and on private ground shows that he is definitely cut from a different cloth!!! I think its toilet paper!!!! :D Again, congrats and thanks for setting the standard.
No hunter could be that successful without lots of hard work, lots of scouting that located good spots, lots of time learning how to hunt the area and where the animals are and how they're going to be behaving at the time of year he's after them, lots of experience in approaching them or setting up to call them in, and about a thousand other little things that minimize the need for any luck.

It all comes down to putting in lots of time and work.
ONE pointer.... :confused:

<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR> I think his success at hunting and on private ground <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

His elk aren't on Private ground ?
Its definately hard work, hunting smart, and more hard work.

Most people just arent that committed, and to kill that type of animal consistantly you have to be.

Heres a prime example, a month ago I thought I was pretty bad ass waking up at 4:00 am to scout antelope for the day...until I saw a post by Greenhorn that he was up and gone at 2:00 am to look for elk.

Thats the difference.
GREENHORN... HAHA, He's a BS'er. I've hunted bear with him and Scouted ELK... HE likes SLEEPING in, He likes drinking beer. And he hunts At Mamoth Yellowstone.. HELL, I've done all the reserch for ya !! I've even posted pictures !!!!

YAH, I'v seen him hike too, WHAT a lard !!! Sucker never goes to the gym (DAILY)... AND His WIFE, She never let's him go afield. She wasn't even happy when he called her from the mountain top with this latest elk ;) SHE wasn't all like "HOW BIG IS HE !! HOW BIG" Before he even said anything....

ALSO, THIS guy has no washermachine !! DANG guy talks about lucky undies he's always wearing.. HE only has one pair !! I think we should take a donation and get him a new pair !!! I almost feel sorry for him... POOR guy.

AND the SHEEP !! OHH he jokes around about them but he really has a 2nd job SHEERING sheep... POOR guy can't afford much. Thats why he hunts with a bow too !! Can't afford any bullets.

HELL, He was heading out after this "FREAK" this after noon and called me... HE had to call collect. Didn't call from a cell phone like you or me, he had this makeshift hand crank thing that W.W. has been working on

YAH, I'm guessing this :

3. Bad HYGEEN due to lack of soap !!
4. Broker then CHIT !!!

SO, Let's put together a HELP GREENHORN fund !!! GET him a better life. I think It's all dumb luck !!!

BUT hey, This is coming form a guy that has ALL the luck killing Sikke ELK and Forked horn deer !!! So I don't want to rub my good fortune off on this clown.......
I think there are three key ingredients. Opportunity, Hard Work, and Luck. Having big bulls that are close enough to where you live that you can hunt them every year and scout for them is the opporunity. The hard work is getting your butt to where they are and learning everything about them. The Luck is a gift from the elk gods.

In Greenies case, he has the opportunity, but apparantly it's so far back in the sticks that it takes mega hard work just to get back there on a regular basis. Since he has killed that many good bulls on a consistent basis, I think it's real obvious that he doesn't need much help in the luck department. He over compensates in the hard work department enough that he doesn't need it.

Way to go. It's nice to know someone that can go out there and make it happen. You have proven that there is nothing stoping the rest of us if we will get off our butts and go do it.
Was it a missprint when you guys posted you walked up and down for 14.5 miles while scouting? That distance is more like a drive to town for some supplies and something to eat for me than a scouting hike. Scouting for me around here, once I get to the place with a vehicle, is walk a few hundred yards and sit out on a ridge or a point or in some cover for a while and see what happens. If I'm there a few days, I'll throw out some corn the first day, that helps bring some of them out. If its a regular spot, I can sit in a tripod or blind also. Was it 14.5 miles round trip or one way or for the whole week or what?
I could be just as successful as Greenie with lots of hard work. I'd have to take on a second job and work my ass off to save enough money to pay Ol' Bob or somebody to grow me a big one and tie him to a tree so I can pull up to it on my ATV and shoot it with my .50 BMG. Getting that kind of cash together takes work! No luck involved. ;)
TOM... the 14.5 miles was one day... ROUND trip. It wasn't all that hard. We had on packs but they weren't full of anything so it made it easier. It wasn't one way though

Durring the season I NEVER go that far.. I think to hike 6-7 miles is almost crazy with a bow in the hand. A rifle it's a bit different though. The distance is to get in, SCOUT, and come back out.

I'm with Dgibson on this.... TIME to go to a ranch and "MAKE" my luck ;)
Nice shot, and enterence hole. Anyone know what broadhead he used????
He used a 75 grain rocket wolverine expandable. The first shot went through the shoulder, glanced up and broke his neck and exited out the neck. The bull dropped in his tracks, but was still alive. The second shot passed right through the engine and stuck in a tree behind him. (bull died right away after 2nd shot) I shoot the same broadheads and would not switch to anything else. I swear those will penetrate as good as any expandables.

I'll tell you that I haven't even heard of anybody that works as hard as that goofy bastard when it comes to scouting and hunting. I remember once he was driving out to go antelope scouting. He was in such a hurry to get out there that afternoon that he wizzed in a plastic bottle while he was driving. I think he may have hit a bump and peed on himself. He didn't want to stop for even a minute. That is the kind of dedication he has.
On top of all the hard work and skill... He is also the first to admit that he is one lucky bastard. This year he missed a smaller bull only to get the opportunity at that bigger one a few minutes later.

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I can't lie to you.
His real secret is he has the real ultimate power. He lives by this site:
He flies around through the trees like the people on Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. He kills totally sweet animals with Ninja stars and those little poisonous blow gun dart things. Afterwards, he takes his Ninja suit off and dresses in bow hunter gear for the pictures.
He is currently training me to be an elk ninja too, but I am having trouble getting the flying thing down. I do look pretty cool in my ninja suit though. I'm probably going to get my head chopped off for revealing this secret.
W.W. ... He's going to kill you !!! I have the same issues here at my office....

YAH, THEN Engineers here are cool !! I'm learning every day !!!! ;)

YAH, We were driving out to the Antelope spot and I picked up a mnt. DEW botle and started Swigging on it .. He said .. "UHH Oscar.. I , Uhh YOU.. UHhh..." After I whiped my mouth and asked him what... He said "NEvermind, I was going to tell you the "POP" was a little warm and old...."

I thought it tasted funny but didn't think twice untill this post you made.. Now I'm wondering :eek: :eek:

YES, I too am trying to learn to fly, It really helps with the scouting of elk and Traveling 14.5 miles a day. I got the AMERICAN HERO suit for practice but for some reason it makes MY JIMMY look small....
oscar, thanks for catching my mis-print. I meant to type public but was thinking of my wife!!!;) Really, I knew he hunted on public land!!
Yeah, he's not too bad of a hunter. :rolleyes:
WW, I'm suprised that those small Wolverines penetrate that well!!! I've had good luck with expandables on deer. HMMM...if I ever get a bow that was made in the last decade I'll give 'em a try.

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