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Jul 26, 2004
Central PA
A few weeks ago, when I asked about an altimeter, 4 or 5 of you suggested (some strongly
) that I get a GPS. Well, after some more thought, I bought the cheapest you can get (as far as I know), a Garmin Etrex, at Walmart last week. Honestly, I didn't have high expectations for the thing, but figured if I could at least mark some key locations (i.e., the truck, camp, and a kill site), I may have a bit more peace of mind. I have to say that after just two short scouting trips, I am sold and don't want to go back to being without it! The etrex does more than I expected, and is a cinch to learn to use. Thanks to all who contributed the good advice!
I thought you might like one. My wife bought me the Garmin Rino GPS/walkie talkie last year for my birthday. It is so easy to use even I could do it. You'll enjoy it in Idaho this fall.
I think you will be more than happy with your choice to get the GPS. The information you can put into it and retrive from it are invaluable. Good luck on your hunt.
You are welcome. Now after you feel you are prety good with it you need to figure out how to "project" a way point. Lets say you are on a ridge and you see elk on a far ridge. With a map and your GPS you can project a way point to the elk. Then in the morning in the dark you have the GPS lead you to the elk in the dark. I have done this MANY times. Remember to set it to true north. Position format UTM. Remember to set the map Datum to match your paper maps. Use track up on the satelite page, NOT NORTH UP. North up blows if you want to try it go ahead. But you WILL like track up.
Is you unit the yellow etrex? If you have any questions feel free to ask. Ron
;) :D
Mines a Magellan but that really doesn't matter. These things are the greatest thing since the map. Just remember it's electronic and dependant on batteries and satellites. Don’t throw away your map and compass.

I have the Garmin Etrex also and love it. Its small enough to toss in a pocket and it is only about the size of a cell phone. Like you said, its super easy to use too.
While I am not familiar with the 45. The newer GPSR's are much better at their job than the older units. They are smaller in size, faster, and they are cheeper to use. The etrex standard legend can take maps and runs on only two AA. Your older 45 I bet takes four AA.
The older units do fine though. If you have it you should play with it. They are a great thing to have. Last year I was hunting Chukar in the fog. I just headed for the truck without checking the GPS. After a while I checked the GPS and found I was on the wrong heading to get tothe truck. If I would not have had that GPS I would have been VERY lost.
I have marked ALL my chukar hunting spots. I load them into my GPS in the fall. I use my GPS with Mapsource TOPO. with the maps I can see from my Chukar way points what "kind" of areas chukar like and I can keep track of dates, weather conditions. I love my GPSR's Ron
Damn....I am feeling left out. Like Ray, I bought one 10 years ago and never took it out of the box.......I wound up giving it to Puglet.
Since I am the only one on here not using one, and most of my hunts are very remote, I am feeling inadequate not having one :(

......better look into it I suppose.....just to keep up with the rest of the pack;)
I have a brand new Garmin 45, Well it was brand new around 7 or 8 years ago and have never taken it out of the box. You guys have got me all exited now. Is this one any good now or is it out dated and taking up space?
I think that would be great John. We have a prior engagement for Saturday night the 28th, but Friday or Sunday we would be honored!

Are you talking about the Bayou Inn at Dixie Inn?
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