Got my 2014 bull back


May 28, 2015
Just moved into a new house a few months ago and haven't really gotten around to decorating yet. couple days ago I got my 2014 Bull back and while the wife was at work I did a little decorating in the living room!! Needless to say the wife wasn't the happiest when she got home!! haha she will get over it!! :D


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Well, she may not like it, but we do. I mean, what else is there to do. Is decorated perfect!
TV- check
Lamp - check
Two awesome elk and cat mount- double check
Recliner - check
You must have yourself one of those high maintenance women!;) Does the cats posture depict the wife's mood when she walked in?:eek: If so, my 26 years of marriage experience says, you may want to redecorate! I'm not sure how it could improve, and I don't understand they're reasoning, but just follow instructions. I've seen that cat-like posture before, and it's not good when the wife exhibits that!:D
a few close ups of lion


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we actually kicked the cat off his kill which was a bighorn sheep ewe, but I think finding a cape for that would have been very tough and I had the elk rack laying around. I actually killed the elk in the same area as the lion also!
Nice décor! The pronghorn in the background of the taxi is pretty spectacular too!
Nice décor! The pronghorn in the background of the taxi is pretty spectacular too!

Actually I think he is deceiving, buddy said he scores 79ish! I have one in same room as my elk and lion I shot last year that grossed just under 82! Never would have guessed til I put my hands on him!


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That cat mount is freaking awesome! Took my Utah cat in a cave. Pucker factor X10. Trying to get my brother to book a cat hunt so I could tag along with him. One of the best adventures I ever took. Good huntin'