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got a foodplot question

JB.....A vendor friend of mine who used to have some honey hole acreage in northeastern Florida used the MossyOak products all the time. His plots were next to their mines and they had plenty of equipment to prepare and cover the seed beds......always plenty of Florida WhiteTail, but this exptic blend didn't produce any Monster Bucks or Racks....If it is just your private plot, I would go with just a blend of wild seedlings that don't need special planting and save the extra $$ that go with buying the brand name MossyOak.....half the money you spend is just like buying's for the logo.....Anyway, the MossyOak products always sprouted.....Good Luck
I planted a small patch of that, or something like it last year. It was looking good one week and gone the next week. I think you need to plot a lot to do any good. There's books about food plots.
Thanks Guys!

I'm pretty up on planting, We have been doing it for 12 years.
I'm just checking out the new stuff available
I have a little spot that I intend to whack a P&Y buck that needs a little "sweetening"
You know something green to slow them down for a shot!
I've planted alot of different types of seed and the most important part is to do a soil sample. That will help your plot more than anything.
Because of the location in the black belt
our soils are full of lime and sit on an average ph of 7.0 EVERYTHING grows pretty well. You are right about the soil samples,
most folks don't know or dont take the time to check.
Use it JB you'll have really really really good results with it. Its not as good as bringing in deer as planting soybeans in the summer, but it worked better than the winter peas, wheat, oats, crimsom clover, and rye i plant. You might want to plant your biggest food plot with it. If you plant a small food plot they will eat it all to the dirt. It took them a while to start chomping on it but when they did i saw a lot more bucks than in my other food plots. Also in the black belt.

later, MM
Thanks MM,

Im planting a couple of narrow plots on some good rublines that lead into big fields of oats & arrowleaf. I usually use turnips near field edge stands but I thought I'd try something different this time ..... in a promising spot.
Its small so you might be right about them eating it to the ground. Thats OK if I can get a couple of afternoons in before the stuff is dirt

Where are you in bama or Ga?
Save your money and try forage rape instead. Its pretty much the same plant but 1/10th the price.

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