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Going Blacktail Hunting


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Jan 1, 2001
Sitka, AK

Well the wife and I are going to try our luck at some deer hunting tomorrow (today actually, I'm up late.)

Her Ruger 270 is all ready to go, and the 416 Taylor is prepared for any ugliness.

We rented a USFS cabin about 60 miles north to spend the night. We're going in our boat. The weather forecast is looking fairly decent though, so we may just bypass the cabin and head for Baranof Warm Springs Bay. As you can guess, there's a really nice warm springs there, and we've been waiting for a chance to get there (work schedule, weather, big sister for baby sitter, etc.) So, if the weather and the seas co-operate for once, we're going for it.

It's a 97 mile run, one way, as plotted on the chart software. So I'm taking an extra 30 gallons of fuel in jerry cans, in addition to the 80 gallons in the main tank, hopefully we won't run out of gas.
Should take about 5 hours of running time to get there.

Here's a map showing the route...


...we start at the red mark on the west side of the island (Sitka) and head north and around back south to the green 'tent' mark (Baranof Warm Springs) on the east side.

Here's a view scaled out...


...this image is nearly 150 miles from top to bottom.

The green cabin symbol near the top is the USFS cabin we rented. It's a favorite spot of ours to go, as theres alway bears (brown), whales, deer, and lot's of crabs up there.

It's Chatham Straight which may stop us. That's a very large stretch of water running north to south, and if the winds and the current are running against each other, the chop gets too large for my 24' boat to handle.

Should be fun! I take some pictures if anything interesting happens.

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I'm with NUT on this one.. Take pictures even if nothing happens !!! Thanx for the Pictures, Cool to see the Chart Planned out.

Post some pics when ya return !!!