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Grand poopa
Dec 9, 2000
Boise, Idaho
You said "Moosie you sure did'nt stick around to long this morning, brad said ya was up there, I think you might need something little more stinky yourself, drove right by your bait and did'nt smell a thing"

I saw Brads Camp... He always camps in the same spot. BAGS o' Dog food gives it away smile.gif When He's there we always stop and say hi.....

How did the running go ?!?!?! ANY luck ?~?~?

Yeh..About how long we stayed.. We have Infared Sensors and it showed "HITS" from 6-8 in the morning.. Never anything Past that. So we stayed till 8:30 then left. We heard the Hounds. I figure those hits that early was Dogs running by it and not Bears because In the past we never had Morning luck. But I figured we'd try.

Yehhh Our sight there isn't ALL that stinky but we've been baiting ther e for 4 years now and The bears know it's there.... We switched bait this year becasue We couldn't get ahold of the CHEESE like in the past.. I think The bears are teaching us a Lesson :D:D

I think That I will try to get some for next year smile.gif

If you were in that area... Why didn't ya call.... ya CHit head ? I would have made a point to Stay longer or something.....


New member
Jan 8, 2001
I did'nt get over around there till around noon or so, was hunting the other side the highway the other morning, anyways headed up in there and ran into 5 other houndsmen, was lookin to head somewhere else when brad pulled up, sat around there camp and BS'd most the day, they treed a nice one over in thorn creek and a couple other guys treed a 300 pder for a guy that wounded it of his bait thats right up the road from yours, bear died in the tree so he went into town to get some loggers to climb it for him, they still were'nt out with the bear when I left at 6.

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