Gates closed and locked


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Apr 19, 2004
Well, Hambone left out of here bright and early this morning to go squirrel hunting.
He got to the hunting area only to find that the gates were closed and locked up tight. :mad:
This is the 3rd year in a row this has been happening. Game warden must be on vacation or something....
Now it's time to get the boat ready and travel up river to get to the public hunting area.
Public land is closed and locked up? Call the powers that be and see if they are supposed to be locked. Had this problem in WY a few years back where outfitters (probably ones that use ATV's and road hunt)would lock gates that were supposed to remain open, so no one else could get any deeper in without walking. A few calls placed to the forest service and next thing you know, certain individuals were shooting them off.
Thanks for the feedback Wyomingtim and Nut.
The only times they use to lock the gates was when the area would be flooded out but the area was not flooded out yesterday, However with all the rain that is now upon us it is surely to flood the roads out.
We'll try to find out more but then today is a Holiday so it'll be tomorrow before can make a few calls. Thanks again!
When we were in New Mexico, the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation was locking gates to State Land. We were crossing private land, which we had permission to do, between National Forest and State Land. The Double H, the ranch willed to the RMEF in New Mexico, locked the gates from the other owner's private land to the State Lands and put "No Trespassing for Any Reason" signs on them! The Double H does have the grazing lease for the State Lands, but they do not own it!

I don't think I will be supporting them any longer...
CH- Check with the county. In UT, the county can close a road or deem it private and it will still show up on maps. Had a 'experience' with this myself in WY! :eek:
I hope they get the gates open for you. There's nothing worse than hiking in a couple miles and then getting a big squirrel down in some hell hole. Makes for a long day.
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