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game finders...


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Jan 7, 2001
Northeast Arizona
how do they work? do they need some blood to work and how effective are they? i am interested in a game finder to track a wounded bear but from what i understand a bear doesn't drop any or alot of blood. will a game finder help in this situation or not?


....just bought one for my dad for christmas.....they work by detecting a heat source.so you dont need to worry about blood trails.you could actually take that on your bear hunt and detect if there are any bears close by,just point the thing in the direction you want to look and the screen will light up if it detects any heat.it will work in the summer also because it detects heat changes..as far as how good they work i really wont know until next years deer season,but from playing around with it,it seems to me that its gonna work just fine....hope this helps ya,JB

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California Coyotes-I dont know how well they work. Never heard of them although I wouldnt think they would work good in the area I am at. You would be able to see the critter way farther than the machine would pick it up! Might work in the east in the thick bush country! bcat

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