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I was just thinking...........several of us are going to New Mexico in a few weeks.........shouldn't we have some sort of friendly wager as to who will take the biggest bull? I know some of the pussies are going with shooting irons, but still, I'd be willing to lay a stake in the pot ;) ...........Schmults has the premier tag, but mamma always told me you can't ever win big if your too scared to anty up

I know of myself, Acon, Cali and a few others........and I am sure there are some I don't know of....

While I have never arrowed a bull elk, I would be willing to venture on this one........a beer, a dinner, bragging rights........whatever...........let's make it interesting.......what say ye? :D
.............unlike most of you guys, I have never been to the state hunting or ever laid eyes on my hunting ground, so won't someone please take advantage of me!
Hey, I know!!!!!!!!! Moosie, if your boy Smultz wins, you earn a place in Camp Deerslayer come November! :D He laid down on you on the lope points.........but I know he will make you proud on the elk points......... ;)
Hey Fec...............the way my luck has been going.............your cow will surely outscore my bull!!!!!!!!!!!!! :eek: .............good luck buddy.........
Fec...............is this where I am supposed to write one of those "how dare you even ask!" posts like he did? :eek:

Thanks for the offer for help though, I think Acon has us all lined out. If I am saying that in a couple of weeks will be the real test.........
Did we decide on a wager? It IS hunting, and there are no guarantees, but I feel lucky this year... I doubt that it will be a 400 class bull, but I think I'll get a good 'un. ;) I'm hunting Unit 13...not known for huge bulls, but there are a few there. So I'm up for a bet of a dinner, case of beer, or ????

You know I'm good for it, DS - I even sent $150 for an outfitter tent one time....

[ 08-24-2004, 13:44: Message edited by: Calif. Hunter ]
How about an embroidered "Hunt Talk" jacket or vest.
I'm in, and I'm going to smak a way bigger bull than DS, so get ready brother, cause the BS is going to get deep.
We'll need a good straight ruler or yard stick to get a good true measurement of all the spikes that we'll be whacking! :D

Dan, I am guiding you, and you are guiding me, might that be a conflict of interest? :eek: .............as I remember two years ago I had you on point when the throw down a 290 type 6 point came........um, er, well...after a few seconds of you hanging your foot in the stirrup trying for a perfect "10" dismount, and all the fiasco surrounding the difficulty in you secureing your firearm from the scabbard........well, let's just say these things usually have a way of working out. Even from the rear...........I got my chance at that nice bull.....and a chance is all a Man can ask;)

I like the case of beer deal better than the Hunttalk Garb :rolleyes: .........no offense Moose Man......it's just that I have had plenty of reason to take to drinking lately

Cali......I like your odds......in fact, if it were against anyone but myself, you'd be the pony I'd parlay!
...........although Smultz does have that Vidal tag.....he'll be tough to beat.......

We may need to handicap this thing with bow verses gun. There will be a lot of big ol' bulls that walk at 60+ yards that you rifle toters will be smokin'...... plus I got the bad knee and failing eye sight, so I should get a few points there as well.
We'll get 'er all worked out though....

.........Indy, thanks for the vote of confidence man.....but it may be wishful thinking on your part hoping my luck changes before you have to share camp with me this winter! :eek:
I'll give you your bad knee, but match your failing eyesight and spot you 9 years to make up for the 60 yard advantage of my smokepole over your sticks and string. Besides, the Indians showed that they could reload faster than the muzzleloaders could! :D

Maybe we will have to take a 360 degree video with a yard stick resting on (or in my case, between) the antlers, and send the video to Moosie to judge the biggest New Mexico bull of the season. ;)

I probably shouldn't get involved in this, since I know that challenging DS on hunting is something best left to the younger guys, like Moosie or Greenhorn! :eek:
Wait just a damn minute Rick!......I may be beating my chest a little getting stoked for this bow hunt, but please let me go on record as saying I don't EVEN consider myself remotely in the same league as Greeny. He and his couple of hunting buddies are seriously lightyears ahead of me and the vast majority of "joe hunters" that post on these boards. I don't mind poking a little fun, but I just don't want anyone to think I have also gone dilusional.

I hunt hard as hell, but from experience I can tell you it takes so much more than that to accomplish the kind of feats that Kurt achieves. I wish it were as simple as "hunting your ass off"........but the plain fact is it just isn't that simple.

That being said.......7 and a wake up and LET THE GAMES BEGIN!!!!!!
Hey............the yard stick and antlers is a good idea.....but with one minor flaw.....last I checked, a yard stick was only 36" long.......thus making it too short to lay across the antlers of my bull! :eek:
.........well there needs to be at least a 10 point deduction for every month that passes from the opener, right?
DS, dont be so sure about the tag i have. It is a great tag with lots of good bulls but it is not the same caliber as the Gila for the real toads. I talked with several guys who have hunted there and they all said the same thing, if i see a 320 i should be shooting. Well, in the Gila, in one week i saw 3 bulls over 350 and 2 of them over 380. I wish i had the gila tag myself, but figured i would go for numbers rather than quality this time. If you have the Gila you have a great tag, with those AZ type of genetics. Plus this Tag i got has a season that starts WAAAAY to early and the rut may not even start until its almost over. Why in the hell the F&G thinks we should start hunting elk in August is beyound me. A friend of mine got the gila last year the second season and 3 guys killed a 320, 350, 370 all in a 14 hour period. That dont happen in the Valle Vidal any year. Outfitters dont even tell you to expect that kind of bulls there, just lots of them.
I think you will have as good of odds as me fo a good bull, and better ogds at a Toad. Good luck, i hope we both slide an arrow through one.
I got a Friendly Wager... Try Calling DeerSlayer and getting off the Phone in Less then 1 hour :D :D

I actually made it at 43mins 38seconds !!! WAHHHOOOO !!!

NOW... He'll tell a story about him Sayng he needed to get to bed and Me still talking and thats's the reason but you guys Know that ain't true so Let's kill that roumor right now
Well I'll have a case of beer in the back of my truck in case you want to collect a bit early.
And as far as that bull goes, I was just practicing for the olympic "horse falling" event.
I can fall on my azz as good as any body in the world.
Your a gold medalist in my book Dan! :eek:

Moosie....in the words of the artist formerly known as BSCat........"I CALL BULLSHITTTTTT!!!!!!"

Hey Schmalts,when are you leaving? I hear they are showing signs of an early bugle down there this year. Maybe you'll hit it just right. I know little on the Vidal tag, but what I have always heard is it is a good one. Hey, if there are a lot of elk there, you know there are a few really good ones......all the luck to you in finding one.
I leave the 3rd. I will hunt as many days as i can and try to hold out for a nice one early in the season. I hear there are a ton of elk there though..... I hope this is my year to put one on the wall and start concentrating on a nice mule deer or moose after this. (and a lope) :D If the weather is gloomy it should be good. I had gloomy weather last year fairly early and it fired them up. The only drawback i see is the end of my hunt when it should fire up the full moon is due :mad: I hate the full moon for deer and elk, seems like they blow their wad all night and nap all day

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