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? for non-Texans.


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Sep 16, 2003
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I asked this question in the 377 thread and no one seemed to want to answer. I would just like to know why so many non-Texans have such a dislike and/or negative view of Texas in regards to hunting? I am looking for serious answers, not smart-aleck remarks b/c I would really like to know.
I think it is because they live in areas that are blessed by huge tracts of public land, with large numbers of game animals. I admit that I prefer to hunt by "spot and stalk" methods than by sitting in a stand, but I am allowed that choice (and the ability to be successful at it) by the terrain and where I live and hunt. Some people do hunt the oak foothills with stands, but I like to walk more than sit. (I sit all day at work.)

The whole idea of treating game animals as property because you own the land is foreign to them and honestly, distasteful. I agree, but I don't live in Texas. It won't be long in California, I'm afraid, until it will be impossible/illegal to hunt on public land. National Forests are already shutting down hunting with rifles, becoming shotgun or archery only.

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Well Woodrow, I believe that some people are just so short sighted that they believe that the way they hunt is the only way to hunt. If you don't do it their way, then you ain't s#*t. It's not hunting. Personally, I find that attitude arrogant and self serving.. (a comment which I am sure will garner me significant amounts of BS comments..). I believe that given the right circumstances, most any of them would conform to the local customs. Afterall, some is always better than none..

Cali sounds about right, Woodrow, but I hadn't really thought of it until now. I don't have any particular dislike of Texans. I can say that I've spoken to a few Texans that shoot deer with .223's and the like, which I personally don't care for, but that happens in other places, too, and I naturally don't think it's only Texans or all Texans. I can think of one Texan right now that I'd love to meet and hunt with in person some day.

Cali, regarding closing of hunting on public property in CA, that stinks.
For myself, I would continue to hunt, even if it was "pay to play." I would be choosey about it, and try to make it as close to "real" hunting as possible - but I would still do the high fence thing if that was all there was available. (I did that in Texas twice with Moosie, and we elected to stalk rather than sit in a stand, but to each his own.)
I think dan summed it up pretty well. Personally I don't care how one hunts, as long as it is within the confines of the law. If I choose not to hunt the way someone else does, so what and if they choose, or are pretty much forced, to hunt in another manner, so what. It is all hunting as far as I am concerned and to each their own. Of course this is just my opinion. ;)
I am like the previous fella's. I am another that has nothing against Texas or Texans. Everybody has their way to hunt and if it makes them happy I am happy for them. Just take the kids more often ;)
I live in Texas and hunt in Texas a lot, so I'm not allowed to anwer. I'll tell a joke instead. These two hunters meet at a national hunting show. The Texan starts:

Texan: "Where are you from?"

Other hunter: "I come from a place where we do not end our sentences with prepositions."

Texan: "OK, where are you from, jackass?"

(Just kidding, haha Its a joke, funny, eh Woodrow?)

Hate Texas? I'm not sure where you got that idea from but I hope not from me. I love that state. I guess some of us "westerners" watch too many outdoor channel shows like Keith Warren shooting deer over timed bait spreaders, etc. Guess it gives the perception that everyone there hunts like that which is obvisoulsy NOT the case. Although more power to them if they like that type of killing. Me, I'd rather not. (unless you invite me for a bowhunt

Hate Texas....not me. I love it because it makes Oklahoma look even better.

BOHNTR )))------------->
OK I'll bite,

I don't think its about jealosy amongst non-Texans, although that is a popular myth with y'all. I think it stems from a combination of Texan pride and American consumerism gone awry.

Texas has long promoted, and embraced the idea of everythings' bigger and better in Texas. I really think that the rest of the country followed Texas' lead on this. As deer hunting graduated from rural seasonal pastime to the industry it is now, it makes perfect sense that in this greatest of open markets, somebody would eventually come around to "building" a better deer.

A few years ago it was food plots for better nutrition. Why? Cuz we developed the technology to tweak plants for high nutrition, palatability to game, and that would grow anywhere. Now its genetic engineering. Why? Cuz we developed the technology.

Texas has long been a staunch states-rights/private property rights state and is almost entirely private land.

As far as the criticism/jealosy...
Texans are proud. Some are obnoxious about it. It only takes a few idiots to perpetuate the stereotype.

Texas hunting embraces the image of results over effort--they embrace hunting from vehicles or comfy elevated stands over timed feeders. Game ranches abound in Texas where the huntin' is as easy as opening your wallet. All this feeds the perception that Texas' tradition of hunt smarter not harder equals cheating and laziness. Some proud Texans who hunt in neighboring states behave badly because this "lesser place ain't Texas after all".

For me, in terms of this 377" buck, I would ask why? Why not just leave nature to itself. For me this kind of like the ATV issue insofar as messing with a deer's genetics just to grow freakish antlers is like driving a 4-wheeler across virgin ground--just 'cause you can don't mean you should.

I'm not trying to piss you Texas boys off. Its just how I see the situation. Of course, I live in Alaska and our deer already have humongous racks :D
Hi Woodrow!

If you don't mind, I'll just give you my perspective on Texas and then the folks I've dealt with in my career.

This isn't about hunting, but I think this may fit in some way.

When I first started my career as and airline mechanic, I was hired in Houston. Being a California transplant, I got all sorts of ribbing from being a "Yankee" and other such "redneck" type rhetoric. I have a "redneck" demeanor, so this didn't bother me in the least. What bothered me was the transplants ie. "real yankees" calling me a no good yankee! This cracked me up and really showed the type of folks I was dealing with. The straw that broke the camels back was the Minnesota transplant that said "Anybody north of Austin is a Yankee!" Funny thing was the natives agreed with him and everybody yukked it up!

After transfering to Phoenix, I have really enjoyed working with everyone and it doesn't matter where they came from. The really funny thing is that all of the "good ol' boys from Texas that transfer here don't last long! All you hear from them is "We don't do things like that in Texas." "Boy I sure miss Dallas/Houston/place your city." They eventually go back.

Granted, not all of the folks from Texas are this way and a few actually stayed in Phoenix! Personally, I really enjoyed Texas! When I was there, the folks outside of the workplace were very hospitable and friendly, and the women! Whoo boy! You got some great ladies there! You have some of the best bass fishing in the world and some good hunting too, but as far as hunting in public land, it's pretty dang hard to find a good area because they are few and far between.

Being in Arizona, we have the draw system and that sucks big time. I do my big game hunting out of state because it's cheaper and usually better hunting!

I'm sorry if I went on a long rant, and I mean no ill will towards you or Texas in general. I only speak from my experience in the workplace. Please forgive me if I've insulted you or your kin in anyway. That wasn't my intention.


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Well, I am proud of the fact that I grew up in Texas. I learned to hunt in Texas, everything from tree rats to deer and wild hogs. I have since moved and had the opportunity to do quite a bit of elk hunting in Wyoming. There is definately a difference in the style of hunting, but I wouldn't say either is better or worse. I love the thrill of tromping around the mountains in search of elk. It is hard work and the rewards are well worth it. I also love the peace, quiet and beauty of sitting in the tree stand that I have spent many, many hours doing research and finding the perfect place for it. It is a difficult thing to do when you consider that you still have to be in the right place at the right time. Sitting quietly observing nature around you, noticing things you never realized before also has its own place as far as rewards go. I have my own personal feelings about high fences, baited fields, timed feeders, etc., but that does not make me feel that stand hunting is anything less than spot and stalk. Different skills for different methods.

just my humble opinion
I appreciate all the thoughts above.....even Elkgunner's (kinda). His point is what drives me crazy though. There is so much more to Texas than what most know.....If yall knew the Texas that I know, you would be in for a big surprise.

Keep the opinions coming if you'd like.
Woodrow I wouldn't let a few comments bother you none. Texas is a great state with great hunting opportunities. Your always going to have some who don't agree with the way things are done because they don't do it that way. It's just somebody's opinion.
Lets see......I hate the Cowboys, the Stars, the Mavericks and the Astros. When I raced BMX I always thought those stickers that say , Dont Mess With Texas, was irritating and made me want to mess with Texas. Things are bigger in Teaxas especially egos. I drove through once and could'nt wait for the border. I get bored watching Texas canned hunts on TV. I would like to go bass fishing there sometime, especially if I did'nt know I was in Texas. I also still cant believe that a judge appointed a Texan to be our President. Other than that it makes a nice funnel for illegals and drug dealers coming from Mexico.
This one's easy, Roger(it ain't the money)Clemens!! I hope he carries a hernia the size of a regulation baseball for the rest of his stinking no-loyalty life. Other than that, no problem here. :D :D

Being a Texan that moved out west here....I am not gonna touch any of these post but the one about Roger. His Stinking no-loyalty huh? Well if I remember right he is a Texan and a UT grad. (GO HORNS!). So if you ask me he is just showing his loyalty. And the question I got for you is are you mad that he is not a red sox or a Yankee?
The only good "yankee" is Daryll Strawberry! :eek: :eek: Good and stoned!

Red Sox fans wouldn't take him back for FREE!


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