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Jun 12, 2003
Elko, Nevada
First things first, Crow Woman, Where can we get a couple of those Varmint calls you showed here???? Now then, I must say that over the past 25 years I have seen a lot of neat things running trap lines. I have harvested countless Coyotes, Bobcats, Grey Fox,Gophers and Ground Squirrels. A fellow trapper told me onece that you should look at each time out differently and always come home with a smile from something you did or saw or experenced on the check. You know what, he was right, you can do exactly that. I wondered what to write about until a quick phone call from my brother reminded me of a few things I will share with all who read. The early days or beginnings if you will, in anything a person does is filled with mistakes and misguidence and usually something out of the ordinary will stick with him all his life. I learned to trap in Arizona of all places. Taught by a mountain man who was to say the least very understanding. I think it was pity for my first set was baited with our leftover Thanksgiving day turkey. No I didn't catch anything but was taken under wing and taught the right way. My first varmint ever was a gray fox, but this is just the begining of the story. After my fox there were great visions of long lines, full fur sheds, as well as fame and fortune. So traps were bought and laid in the ground as a begining to these great thoughts. In Arizona there is a 24 hour check. The first day to run the new line yeilded one very large stripped skunk. Not to dampen the spirits I decided I would start with the skunk but the smell was a little hard to deal with. I ended up hanging him from the rear bumper of my truck for the 20 mile ride. Once back to the trapping shed the skinning was an experience I'll never forget. Skinned, streched, and dried what a begining. Little did I know that this year I would catch more skunks than anyone in the state I believe. I can say that I caught spotted skunks, stripped skunks, and a few skunks that are yet to be discovered. I figured that if I could handle a season like this the rest of my trapping days would be a breeze. Thanks for listening.

Crow Woman

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Jun 9, 2003
Covington, PA

Great Story

The distress call that I wrote about here of the three coyotes going nuts was made by none other than our very own Slydog! It's a beauty, light weight, out of an antler. That's the call that not only made they talk but dance too.

Crow Woman

Dick Reece

Nice story trapper,thanks for sharing. Did you get sprayed much that first year

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Mar 25, 2003
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I'm gonna take a little time and tell you a little about trapper1.
I trapped my last year of high school and a couple years after, no great big traplines just several sets.
Trapper1 took trapping to a nother level,I don't know for certain how many miles his traplines were but he ran alot of sets, you could'nt find his sets, they were perfect.
He made up some stink bait recipe that each bottle took hot summers to emulsify them .
Now I know he has some stinkbait stories!
He can tube skin a coyote in 5 minutes, his trick for fox tails is amazing, his bobcats were skinned to perfection complete with pads.
He shampooed , blow dryed his furs for market,they were the best looking animals there.
Trapping is his passion,he is an expert!
He has some great out of season bobcat, javelina release stories!
He collects bear traps and just about any kind of trap made.
He can write,He has a few articles in trapper mag, he writes alot of cowboy poetry!
He currently traps pocket gophers for the local ranchers and when in season still traps bobcats, he gets them garment tanned and either sells them or gives them for christmas gifts, or for friends.
I recall him giving a local cowboy who helped us out a tanned coyote.. this guy said...I've been around coyotes all my life first time I ever owned one!
So lets hear some more stories there Trapper1!
When I hold my fingers just right I can still smell that stink bait! sheesh...


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Jan 12, 2003
Boise Idaho
Trapper_1, Thanks for shairing with us. Your story reminded me of the first season of trapping I did. I caught more jackrabbits than anything else, till I learned not to trap center of trails. I two caught a fox as my first catch but the secconed was a $410.00 Bob and he paid for 2 doz. montgomery #2 jump traps and all the truck that went with them. I caught many fox and Bob's before catching my first dog.
I learned many things the first couple years but didn't realy started catching coyotes in good numbers, for about 4 years.

anyway thanks again for shairing.



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Nov 28, 2001
Let me welcome you aboard Hunttalk, and that was a grea debute...
Thanks for the story and I hope we see more..

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