First hunt, new partner, first bear

Red Fox

Dec 11, 2017
Island Park ID
Hunting with a new hunting partner is a tossup. Will they be fun to hang out with, compline to much or just pull their weight.

We had the last week of spring bear season left and wanted to make the best of it. The first day was slow and didn’t find a good place to glass. On the second day we hiked in 2.5 miles to find a good rock out crop to glass from. We found a bear spotted a bear about 2 miles away but no way to get there in time, so we made a plan to go in there the next evening.

On day three as we got close to the area that we seen the bear the wind switched and blew right into the cannon it was in. That night it was a no show and think it was because of that couple minutes of back wind. On day four we both needed a break and took the day off to rest up and give the area a chance to rest in hopes that it would come back.
On day five we headed back up but this time we went up the opposite side of the draw. This way the wind couldn’t beat us and we could see if it came back out. This worked as we were able to see it come back out a start feeding along with a few elk. We made are way down and back up the other side to get within 200 yards. After doing most of the work he let me take to shot and we had our first bear. It is not the biggest but it is one I will never forget.IMG_2537.JPGIMG_2536.JPGIMG_2561.JPGIMG_2575.JPGIMG_E2610.JPGIMG_2612.JPGIMG_2613.JPG


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Apr 6, 2018
That is great I am going to show that to my wife to show her that bear hunting is safe for children.


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Aug 21, 2012
NW Iowa
Awesome! First of many memories to come!! Now, how did you get the bear and your partner both out of there in one pack :unsure: