Everything but Hunttalk

Make a motion to forbid the usage of 'freak' as any part of a screen handle.

Also, @rtraverdavis must be forced to testify to the origins of the Legend of HUNTTALKMAN.

...any and all other subjects are allowed and Greenhorn is to supplant HTMAN for purposes of unfettered ribald humour and cringe.

That is all.
Glad I saw this...I was about to change mine to Freak Flag Flyer.
This is why I rarely miss a day here. Members keep each other posted, encourage advocacy, 'discuss' policy, support common causes. We can all take part in that regardless of what tags we apply for, whether we shoot magnum or manbun, prefer new or old music, drive Corolla, Subaru or F tree fiddy.

There is no off-season for pub when politics come p!lic lands, conservation, access or policy.
Agree!!! We are all part of one big family that loves to hunt and fish. But sometimes we have the Thanksgiving family dinner fiasco that ensues. Politics usually brings this on. We shouldn't forget that we are all kindred spirits
Now that most legislative sessions are over do you see any value in Hunttalk in its current state? During the legislative sessions it brings a lot of value and provides tools for people to know about current bulls/issues and how to contact people. Now that they are pretty much over it’s basically Facebook. ................................................................................................................ The one nice thing about HT is that there are some quality people on here that have a lot of knowledge. Maybe things will change as hunting season gets closer, or maybe im getting cranky in my 30s!
Yes, HT has value (all year actually) and no HT is not basically Facebook once legislative sessions are over.

To suggest HT is akin to FB suggests you either really do not know FB well or are pretty tone deaf to the vast differences in what pops up and gets traction and said on FB hunting forums as compared to hear on HT.

Do all hunt forums on various sites get a little squirrelly in winter/spring early summer when most distanced from fall season dates and folks preoccupation with actual hunting? I would say yes, but HT less than most.
I've noticed a decline in most of the forums I participate on (more backpacking than hunting). Reddit, and to a lesser degree, Facebook have picked up the traffic that used to participate on forums. The one really important aspect of forums that no one (I think) has mentioned is they are a storehouse of collective experience. Through the "search" feature, a user can go back years to re-visit topics that are as pertinent today as they were when first created. Reddit and FB are far more temporal - information on those formats is very difficult to re-access after a few months, let alone decades. Who would not want to have access to several years worth of posts on @Greenhorn 's "Extra Stupid Window Stickers?"
Very true about the archive and search value of some sites. For example, when bowsite wrecked their search function that was kinda the last straw for me there as the site had degraded so much on the other elements of importance (such as decreasing user activity thus little meaningful new content being added makes it kinda 'dead').

Have never really checked out reddit for hunting content.
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