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Dec 23, 2000
I thought we needed a less serious topic in this section, so here's a few pics I took 4-5 years ago.

A couple of nice bulls in early October.



An elk herd on private property the day after rifle season opened in NW CO. I'm sure some on here (elkfarmer?) probably recognize this hill.


My oh golly my. That is one very nice elk and a big herd, thanks so very much for the pics, we only have around three months and we can start chasing them for keeps again... :D
Nice pics Oak. Makes a nice change in here as compared to one of the topics. ;) It won't be very long now and we all be up in the hills again.
I just wanna know where grass gets that tall! ;) Thanks for the pics.

BTW, I saw on the news that a couple of 'your' peregrine's got lost and are now roosting in downtown SLC. Wonder if they'll convert?? :D
nice pics, I only wish i reconized those hills.

NW has to be by Craig, thats where i go but in the 3x i have been there i have seen a total of mabey 30 elk. I didn't come home empty handed, they were nothing like the bulls in the pic.

but i sure am jealous of you guys who get to chase them around every year.

you all suck!!! LMAO

OAK, i aint the smartest john in a whorehouse, but i am pretty sure you took a jab at me...
good one,,,LOL
Tyler, there is a place over by White Hall Mt that I could show you, that the grass is up to about your waist. It is the kind of grass that has wider leaves and I associate with damper areas. Not round or thinner leaves that seem to grow in drier climes. It is not a swamp grass, and covers the whole area, farther down the way's the grass then turns to the type you would see in drier areas with the thinner leaves and it makes the pic above look as if it has been overgrazed... If you come back up here, well get in the truck and I'll take you up there... It is a very cool place indeed.
Thanks pointer, I was wondering where they went.

Tall grass = Big elk. ;)