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Elk are bugling in my area...


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Nov 24, 2003
Went up today to drop a load of bait for bears as I have seen bears every time up there so far. Hauled up 2 55 gal drums. Well stopped to listen right before day light and I thought I heard a distant bugle. So I blow mine and instantly got 3 different bulls bugle. Off the road. I waited 5 minutes and bugled again I got a bugle back from closer. Another few minutes and I heard grunting coming from behind some bushes about 100 yds away. I went up the road and I took my 12 yr old son up with me and he was asleep and didnt want to wake up. So I hiked in and found a ton of sign of elk so I slipped out and went and dropped my bait. I didnt stay up there as I am going to go back up from the 17th till the 26th and had some honey do's to do this weekend. My son is ADHD and Bi Polar and I have tried to archery hunt with him with me and it didnt trun out very well. So this is why I didnt stay up there for any time to hunt them. But can't wait till this next weekend now as I have a friend going up and the kids grandpa is going after a bear from the bait I put out.
Good luck to you all on the upcoming hunts.

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