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Dec 10, 2003
Any of you guys used the new Eberlestock, Just One pack?

Just curious. I purchased one and loaded it down and took it out for a test drive before I committed it to a hunt. I was very impressed!

It's an awesome pack. This is the pack to use if you hunt from the rig and plan to take a load back or spend a few nights out and want to be able to bring a boned deer or elk quarter out in the same trip. It the most comfortable pack I've ever used (for those on the board that know Mtmiller, I'm the guy in the first picture of the 2004 Wyoming hunt that he posted - not the Utard, but the guy from Montana).

Beats any pack I've ever seen or used and I own 5 packs. The internal frame and internal gun sling are incredible. Once you get use to your rifle being on your back you will wonder why it took so long for someone to invent this thing! Your hands are free and getting to your gun is a synch, just reach over your head and pull it up and out. (Eberlestock.com) I think it’s best suited for guys under 6 foot. I’m just shy of 6 and it fits me great.

I don’t work for the company and don’t even know the Eberle's (I know they are from Boise – maybe Moosie knows them?) but they make a hell of a product. A little spendy but well worth the cash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As a bouns, they make a hard side waterproof case that fits inside the pack for your photography gear (intended to be used seperatley). I dont own it yet but it's on my list.

Word on the Utard! He can't even dress right or walk very far! That fat bastich! ;)

Cold in Browning yet?
Update, I now own the Eberlestock just one pack. Boy did I make the correct decision!
I spent the day with it up on the mountain. What a dream-come-true; this pack is everything I needed and more. The pack is comfortable, exteemly well built and very simple to use. The gun scabbard none other than a revolution in hunting packs, you dont even know you're carring the gun and if you need it you just reach over your sholder and pull it out and your ready to go, that quick and that simple. Free hands for glassing, hiking and you dont have to worrie about the gun bumping or getting caught up on the brush or slipping off your sholder. Wow is all I can say. . .

The waist belt is very well designed. You are able to slip the nylon strap out of the waist belt, remove the buckle and hang a knife, shell holder, shooting sticks, camera case, range finder, pistol or what ever you like for either, or both sides of the waist belt, great concept. Most packs sew the nylon strap to the hipbelt so you cant put your traditional belt looped accesorys on the pack, you’re forced to put them in the pack or find some other way to store them.

There’s a nice soft padded compartment for your keys or other items that may rattle. The compartment keeps them quite. A lot of room for your tripod, scope etc.

My gear fits nicely and its easy to get at.

I purchased it through the maker and bought the spike camp duffle too. The duffle secures nicely to the pack when expanded. What a great concept. I’ve hunted with over 10 different packs, still own most of them including a Badlands, and this pack will cause me to hold a garage sale to liquidate the other stuff or give them to my relatives (the badlands) is going to my nephew. The guy I talk to at Eberlestock was nice and took the time to talk to me about my style of hunting and the ability of the pack to meet my needs. He also told me the story behind the pack and his company, kind of a cool story. His company is out of Boise, ID.

The pack is simple to use, the large straps are long and very durable; I know I’m not going rip them out even if I really try. All my daily hunting gear fits into the pack while it’s compact. If I shoot something I’ll just expand the pack and load it for the pack out. I’m looking forward to this hunting season. I’m 5’11’’ 175 lbs and I think this is a best pack I have ever hunted with, hands down!!!!!!!!!!!!

Trust me, you can’t go wrong with this one!

Finalshot. . .
Do you feel the same after your hunt? I am very interested in getting one of these packs, but they are expensive to just try. Please let us know what you think about it after hunting with it.

I've hunted with it now and I won’t be trading it in or replacing until I wear it out, which might be a long time based on it's superior construction - it is amazingly tough but surprisingly quite!

I love it. The scabbard is great if you hunt the kind of rough terrain that I hunt. Also, it keeps the gun safe, the scope covered. I did not pack an animal out with it yet, but if you go to www.eberestock.com you can read an article about hauling an elk out with it (complete with pictures). Go to the pack section and to the link that says something about recent testimonial - those aren’t the words they used, they are nontheless to that affect. The guy hauled hind quarters, and boned out fronts and managed to get the elk out in two trips solo!

The outside pockets and zippered back pockets are great. My spotting scope fits, my tripod fits and is secure and out of the way. Everything is easy to get to. I'm sure if you were to use one you would be sold for sure. I'm not just talking out my ars, I cover a good deal of rugged terrain when I hunt (northern Rockies) and it can't be beat IHP. The expansion feature is the best. Also, kind of a picky thing for some guys, but not for me, is the fact that the waist belt it two pieces. The padded hip belt is secured to the back of the pack and the straps that secure or buckle at your waist hold the straps in place. This may seem a little mundane, but because of this design, you can strap a knife, bullet holster, pistol, shooting sticks or a range finder to the hip belt just like if it were a regular belt. I have shooting sticks, extra bullets, and a range finder on my hip belt. With most packs you can not hang a thing on the hip belt (because they are so large and the strap is either internal to the hip belt or it's sewn on so your forced to put things that you really need to get to fast (and would normally attach to your belt) in your pants, or your pack - not good! This pack was designed by a hunter for hunters.

Hey guys,

I own the Just-one pack and it is awesome! My pack is very heavy on the average it holds 50 pounds of very important stuff. That is with out any game in it. I have used on three hunts this year and am very pleased with it. I also own 8 to 10 other packs and i am looking forward to cleaning out my closet.

We have compared the just-one pack the the competitors (badlands) and the guys that were wearing the other packs, by the end of the hunt they owned the just-one and the other packs went on ebay so that they could afford them. It's a small price to pay for such a great product.
I have just one question about the pack. It would seem to me that it would be rather bulky to day hunt with. Granted I havent looked too close at one, I was just curious if some one could fill me in from experience. Thanks guys.

well I just bought the Just1(on sale) and will use it next year--this year I bought the Badlands 4500 and used it to haul camp in and then as a day pack--only downfalls were that you have to strap your rifle to it, which makes it hard to remove and my shoulders would set sore after about 6hrs of hunting---the Badlands will hold a lot of gear though---chris
I tried one of these on at the Sportsman's Warehouse in Salem. I really liked the idea of the rifle holster, but there were other things that concerned me. Those that own these packs please comment.

1. Even for an internal frame pack it seemed really flimsy?
2. Shoudler straps were fairly thin and not very well padded. Under a heavy load it seems they would dig into your shoulders.
3. Waist belt seemed a bit thin and not padded well.

It really seemed like it would be the ultimate day pack, but I couldn't see hauling a heavy load with one. I sure may be wrong, but these were my observations. I really hope I am wrong, because a place for you gun would be great.

Make sure that you did not try an older model. The first models they came out with weren't really designed to haul heavy loads. Make sure it was a J104 model. I've been checking them out and looked at them in person and was pretty impressed. In fact I put it on my xmas list and santa is getting it for me :). Check out their website, they have a pretty good holiday special on the Just one package deal. Also, if you don't care about the camo, they have a black prototype with grey webbing in their bargain basement for a great price.
I am gonig to meet with the Guy that makes these packs today... I'll let him know you guys like it :)
I am gonig to meet with the Guy that makes these packs today... I'll let him know you guys like it
Hey Moosie, I talked to Glenn the other day and ordered one. Let him know the pack showed up and I can't wait to throw 100#'s of deer meat on it. :D :D
Here's how the Story goes, My buddy has been doing research on the net and stuf and came across this place. He reserched it more and then decided to cal he guy. Rumor has it it is a Good pack with no faults. Very hard for me to believe, but I'll put it to the test maybe.

Anyways, my buddy asked if he knew "oscar" the president of Deer Hunters of Idaho. the guy said He never met me but asked if that was "Moosie". Uhhhhh Apperently he reads monster Mulies (My shit stomping grounds) and has heard of me. By reading some of my posts there....

Any guesses on his Pre-conception Ideas of me :p Buuahaha :D :D

Anyways, I'll report back.
Wow, Glenn was an OK 'bloke. It was Pretty cool for him to Go through every aspect of his BAckpack and went through the reasoning on each item. My buddy bought one on the Spot. I'm going to load his up with some Weight and see what it does in the hills in the next couple weeks.

Will report back on the Backpack............

Final Shot, Thanx for the post bud.
I'm pretty impressed with mine although like you said the real test will be loading it down which I haven't done yet. Really versatile pack though with lots of options and features. Glenn definitely has put a lot of thought into this pack.
Well Moosie??? What are your thoughts about it now? How does it compare to the Kifaru? Inquiring minds want to know
I'll get the Info up Soon, I haven't run it through the RINGER YET. I do like the Looks and Feel of it but I need to get to the Hills with some weight in it. Although I've had a HArd Slacking winter after a Great shape Sheep hunt last year so I need to work back up to it.

I'll let you know soon if it pass's the Moosie test.

As far as The owner, Glen is a Real Nice guy. Grant it most people selling stuff are to sell thier stuff but He had the Attitude of, "Hey, I made a Backpack that I felt was Great and I'm sharing it to others that might think so too". It's a Great attitute to have and He's a Great guy. We'll see how the Pack holds up :p
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