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Eastmans Journal - Hunt Talk Journal?

Desert Sheep

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Apr 3, 2001
Pretty sad when I look at the latest Eastman's Journal and I recognize 3 people from this site alone!! I must be spending too much time on-line.

Good articles Greenhorn.
Was Greeny's articles in there.. That dog... Which ones was it ? Lopes, deer ot the Elk one ? Or the 101 ways to bend over and... OHH wait, YOU said Eastman's not Queermans....
i might have to look at it the next time I'm at the store. lol
Maybe even buy it

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Greenhorn's stories are in the regular Eastman's.

The tale of Moosie's elk and the "Mike Elk" are in there, along with Greenhorn's hunts for moose, bear and speed goats.

For some reason he toned down his writing style for the magazine compared to what he writes here.
I went to the site GH linked to...what is a "limited access field hunt?" It looked like a city park - no cover, mowed grass and all. Some of the other pictures looked just like the elk was coming in to his buddy with the feed bucket.
Limited Access Field Hunt = hunting on private land. You need to have permission from the private landowner to access their private land. This is the most accepted interpretation of a Limited Access Field Hunt.
Awwww aren't they cute. they look like tamed elk. lol lol lol I wonder if they have names? lol lol lol lol
that's cool though. Are the elk in a fenced area or do they roam free?
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ITs about time Kurt gets some of his exploits in the journal! I cant wait for the day that he lays out the last 6 or 7 years of bulls in a row in one story. You ever gonna do that Kurt? You would reach "American Idol" status in about 2.2 seconds.

Good articles dude!
I concur, great articles Greenie. Although I don't know if I agree in your tips section about buying the best equipment you can afford. I have this $29.95 Tasco that has killed...never mind, I won't go there.

Anyway, once again great articles, but I think you need another on how to whack big bulls consistantly on public land. Except tell them it only works in Colorado or something.
Mine has not arrived in the mail yet.
They put us last when it comes to mail down here in bama.

Hey Greenhorn,
Clicked on the link you posted and
I didnt know anybody sold elk
"elk by the inch" i guess that place is kind of like gold by the inch in the mall
Congrats Kurt!......and just remember..we all knew you BEFORE you were famous
Got mine yeaterday, and finally got a chance to read it.
Good stories, well written.
Did you tell the boys at Eastmans you have enough stuff to fill a couple of issues ?
Send em the "Freak" antelope, it ought to make the cover !
I actually jsut seen the article in Canada.. I also bought 2 more Mag's up there with people from in it.. Kind of funny...

MAN they made the bulls look small in the spread
I haven't had a chance to chase any of this stuff down and give it a good read, but congratulations on your public postings, and I hope there are more to follow!!!
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