Early bear hunt/scouting trip nice photos


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Jun 21, 2001
Rural Wa. State/ Ellisras South Africa
I was out scouting on some gated logging roads using my mountain bike pulling a small trailer. I carry my 30/06 and some water and a few snacks. On this trip I packed along my remote control wildlife call, and my higher end film photography gear.

When I found the meadow I was headed to I dropped off the caller near the road and kept riding for about 40-50 yards. I ditched the bike and trailer in the bushes and climbed the ridge about 20-30 feet above the road and kept the same distance from the caller.

I glassed the meadow for about a couple hours or so but the berries are just not ripe enough yet to be attractive to the majority of bears. I was going to leave to visit another place but decided to turn on the caller for a short time to see if I could generate some interest in the lost baby goat or deer fawn sounds.

I did not have that thing on but a few minutes and I saw the body of a coyote flying low through the brush. He was quite a ways out but moving quick. I grabbed the camera not wanting to shoot him. I heard that guy in the brush not 50 feet from me and staring down at the speaker. I did a lip squeak and he turned to look right at me. I snapped several photos as he blew out of there like his tail was on fire.

I stopped on the way home for lunch and dropped the film at the one hour place. Several of the photo's came out nice. Here are a couple I thought were great. Sometimes hunting with this camera gets me as nice a trophy as actually shooting the animals! Plus this one did not require any skinning or packing out!

This was the first picture while he was right near me staring down at the speaker

This one was after the shutter closed and he was trying to locate me in the bush. I did a short lip squeak and he focused right at me.

This was a zoom image of the face only
Nice pics JJ, I really enjoy taking outdoor photos, like you said, no skinning, no packing out, and its a lot easier to get permission to do sometimes. We go to the Smokies a lot to photograph wildlife.